How To Slim Your Face With Makeup

Not long ago full and round faces were considered very feminine and charming. Now, however, there is a tendency for slimmer face shapes that tend to look more elegant and accepted in the modeling industry especially. Protruded cheekbones, for instance, are the most envied parts on the face in today’s conception of beauty. Many celebrities have slim faces, which are their credo for success, like Angelina Jolie, who is a real symbol for her protruded sexy cheekbones that really look so hot. The slimmer the face is, the more chances you have to have a model like look.

How To Slim Your Face With Makeup

By nature, some girls have slim face, whereas there are a great number of girls, who have full round faces, even though the rest of their body is not plump, yet rather slender. So how to be to make your face look slim naturally, without any surgery? With makeup you can instantly achieve the desired results, get a model-like face you have always dreamt to have. Just take a look at the precious guideline below teaching how to slim your face with makeup and you’ll have a success!

Makeup artists know so many tricks that help them in their job to create a slim face. The secret is only in the right application of makeup that can make miracles. Knowing your facial shapes and proportions and using an appropriate makeup you can reshape your nose, get rid of a double chin, and define your cheeks and whatever else you want to change on your face. Why not think of means to try making the entire face look slimmer?

Highlight Your Most Emphasized Features

It has always been possible to highlight one area on your face that will catch attention, accordingly make the spotted or not slender features on your face be drawn to a second plan. This, indeed, is a clever trick to play. Whenever you have defined eyes with long lashes, perfect eyebrows, that look so expressing, why not play on this asset first? Eyes are the first thing that catches attention, so feel free to highlight them even more. Knowing your eye shape, be it an almond shaped or big, apply the makeup to define it.

Choose the color that matches your eyes most of all. Never take nude and monotonous colors, they will not work for you. Apply eyeliner both on the upper line and on the lower line. You can even have winged eyes, if the latter suits you. Always apply eye shadow and eyeliner in an outward motion, going outside the natural end of your eyelashes. Apply mascara that adds volume to your eyes. Black ones are just the case, since they are obviously visual.

It is recommended focusing attention on your eye brows especially. If you have a round face then vertical lines will make it look a little oval. Change the shape of your brows to a highly arched one that really suits a round face. The eyebrow tail is advised to be shorter, while the peak should go toward the end of the brow. Make your eyebrow end look to your ear tip. Angled eyebrows will break the roundness of your face, making it look slimmer.

Choose an Ideal Foundation

To trick with a foundation, feel free to take two shades, one darker the other lighter. Apply the darker color to the fullest parts on your face, normally they are the temples and jaw line. Whereas keep the lighter foundation for area round your eyes, on the nose and chin, as well as across the forehead. At the end apply a translucent powder to even the colors. Believe it or not, but this really transforms your facial shape.

Highlight Your Cheeks

There is a very useful exercise that helps to slim down cheeks: SMILING. When smiling you exercise your cheek muscles. Smile as wide as you can, keeping your mouth shut. Your muscles will strain slightly. Keep smiling for several seconds and relax. Repeat the action a couple times a day.

Use a correct color of blush or bronzer to slim your cheeks. Take a lighter and darker shade of a blush. Use a lighter tone of blush or bronzer on your cheekbones and a darker one underneath them. This will help to gain a slim effect, making your cheekbones stand out, accordingly they look slimmer.

Apply some powder on your eyelids, the jaw line and the neck as well. If you are not used to bronzer, simply use a powder blush of darker shades than your skin tone is. Keep in mind not to apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks, as this will make your face look even rounder and plumper. Instead, apply it towards the back of the cheekbone, going up to the temple.

Note that highlighter works perfectly on such areas as the tops of cheekbones, the brow bones, the bridge of the nose and the inner corners of the eyes.

When working with a brush or bronzer, always use it in back and forth motion, since circular motion actually creates a more round look.

Work on Your Lips

Regardless of the fact that your entire face is round, the lips do not get under this category. They can be either full or thin. So if you have full lips, you are lucky enough, since you can simply apply the correct color of lipstick according to your skin tone and you will have juicy and sexy lips, which will be eye catching.

Whereas, if your lips are not that full, use tricks to plump them. Use a lip liner to create the desired shape for the lips, then apply the lipstick and a little lip gloss just on the bottom of the lower lip, which is always fuller than the rest of the lips and you can be amazed to find that your lips now look plumper. Play this easy trick and have sexy lips.

With all these steps you can now breathe easily, since you have done your best to slim your face down.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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