How to Shape Eyebrows Right

Every single detail on your face plays a great role for your overall gorgeous look. If you can shape any part of your face with the proper makeup products, then there is one point that makeup is of no power: the eyebrows. The latter should be shaped correctly, according to your eye shape, your entire face, be it a round or oval one. Take your time to have the best beautician for this, since they really matter greatly for your look. Once the brows are in the nice and neat shape, you look perfect and even the expression of your eyes changes. To make your makeup look fabulous, work on your eyebrows first.

How to Shape Eyebrows Right

To some people the shape of the brows does not matter at all. But once they reshape them, the difference is immediately appealing. They really influence our appearance. Thick and strong brows make you look serious. Shallow ones look unnatural. The distance between the brows should correspond to that between nose and end of the eyebrows. Besides, the arch of the eyebrows should be in its correct place as well. So in order to learn how to shape eyebrows according to your face shape, read the tutorial below.

If you do not master the techniques of eyebrows, never experiment on yourself. Choose the best specialist and trust your eyebrows to him. Even if you know how to pluck the brows correctly, in an even line, you still need a specialist’s consultation in determining which shape will go well for your face.

All of us know that the two sides of our face differ slightly. It is by the nature’s rule that there are not two symmetrical things in the world. It may be so tiny, that one may not even notice the difference, but indeed, the two of your eyebrows have slight differences. So in order to make them look harmonious, a pro will shape it in the correct way, making the difference invisible.How to Shape Eyebrows Right

Always visit a specialist when the eyebrows are quite grown. The longer and thicker they are, the easier it is for the beautician to shape them. If you try once and the result does not seem to satisfy you, change the beautician and try something else. Of course, this may cost you time and money, but you should admit that your perfect look is really worth the efforts.

Follow the techniques a specialist uses when working on your brows. If you are an easy learner, you will soon master in this task yourself. You can also use the following steps that will help your shape the brows. You can opt for waxing, instead of tweezing your eyebrows.

Comb your eyebrows straight up with a narrow toothed comb to see clearly your natural arch. Carefully trim the eyebrow hair that goes up your natural top eyebrow line, making a smooth line with equal hair. Now, start plucking the hair that grows the eyebrow arch. Be careful not to pluck additional hair, which will spoil the shape. Once you finish, comb the hair back to see the line. Now, pluck all the hair above the top eyebrow line. To make sure your final eyebrow line is correct and even, turn to a pencil, laying it vertically along the inside of your nose toward your forehead. Your inner eyebrow should begin on the spot, where the pencil comes in touch with your eyebrow. The rest of the hair falling inside of this spot should be removed. As you finish doing this, again use the pencil this time putting it between the outer edge of your eye and your nose. Your eyebrow should end on the spot, where the pencil hits the eyebrow. The rest of the hair growing beyond this outer point should be removed. And this is the end. You are lucky if you can repeat the steps correctly.

In case you want to do your eyebrows yourself, without visiting a beautician, take these tips into consideration as well. Knowing what suits each face shape will make it easy to work.

Round Face: To make around face look longer you should have high arches on your brows. Never have round brow shape, or your face will look even rounder.

Long Face: A flat brow shape is recommended for a long face, since this horizontal shape makes the face appear shorter.

Oval Face: This is the ideal face shape. A soft angled brow shape will fit you for sure.

Diamond Face: If your face belongs to this category, always work on curves. Curved brows will make the widest part of your face look less wide.

Heart Face: For this shape we will recommend you to have round eyebrows.

Once you have the desired eyebrows, you can easily wear the makeup and feel at comfort that your entire look is really wonderful. Keep in mind that in case your eyebrows are too pale or shallow you can easily apply some pencil of the color of your eyebrows, to make them look full.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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