Foundation Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Foundation and How to Apply It

For a successful and professional makeup, a perfect foundation is number one most important factor. Like everything else, a smooth and flawless look requires a clean and smooth basis accordingly. So how to be, to create a fantastic look?

Foundation is the primary guarantee for a perfect look. To start the makeup procedure, consider your foundation with much detail. It is going to be the basis for your work, so if the latter is not chosen according to your skin color and is not applied correctly, you will not look perfect. In order to learn much about this lovely product, follow the foundation tips below, to choose the perfect foundation for your skin type and color, as well as learn means how to apply it correctly.

How to Choose and Apply Foundation

How to Choose the Perfect Foundation Texture

All the foundations are used for the initial goal to cover your face with a thin layer that will smooth your face and will make the rest of the makeup stay on the face. There are moisturizing foundations that are perfect for dry skins. Besides, some foundations also can be considered as concealers, since they have the power to cover the unwanted black spots on your face, especially on the nose zone and under the eyes. Foundations are also perfect protectors of skin both from the cold and hot weather. All of us know that our skin demands care. Whenever we wear makeup on bare skin in winter especially, our poor skin will get drier and look unnatural. In summer, however, our skin needs extra dryness to stand the heat. For whatever purpose you choose a foundation, it should certainly be of your exact skin color and go well with your skin type, be it oily or extra dry.

There are different types of foundations, like cream, liquid, moisturizing, as well as powder ones.

1. Cream Foundation is ideal for normal, combination and dry skin types. This type of foundation works well for women with uneven pigmentation, or for those, who need a heavier coverage. In case ou have dry skin, always pick a moisturizer-packed foundation. Creamy foundation is the best for you, while a matte or powder ones won’t look natural on your face, making your skin even drier.

This foundation is usually preferred by makeup pros. It is applied with a sponge or with a brush. It covers all the face smoothly, leaving no reason for complaining about bad makeup basis.

2. Liquid Foundation is ideal for all skin types. It is especially well suited for dry or mature skin. This particular foundation is easy to apply since it quickly blends with your skin, when applied with a sponge. Some apply it with their fingers, but a sponge is better since it will create an even surface. You can use this foundation on everyday basis.Foundation Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Foundation and How to Apply It

3. Powder foundation is ideal for oily skin, since they offer a heavy coverage. Those with oily skin are advised to opt for oil-free foundation that controls oil and shine. That is why powder foundations are very popular among people that have oily skin. It seems to dry the skin, hence combining the oily surface with a dry one, creating a contrast and fitting well. It will protect your face in extreme weather conditions. The foundations are applied with a special sponge or a brush. There is also a tendency to use a cream to powder foundation that is when the powder foundation is applied with a wet sponge. You can create an even surface on the face, like in the case of applying a cream foundation, yet have a look that is created by powder foundation.

4. Mineral foundation is ideal for all skin types except oily ones. It is especially well suited for those with sensitive skin. Those with sensitive skin should always choose makeup products that are designed for sensitive skin. Foundations that are oil-free, fragrance-free and allergy-tested are ideal for this skin type. However, you can be on the safe side, when choosing a mineral one.

5. Tinted Moisturizer is ideal for both normal and dry skin. It is especially recommended for those who need extra hydration. This is a very light type of foundation that softens the skin. It looks very natural and one can consider that there is no foundation applied on your face at all. It is mostly recommended to those with dry skin. The moisturizer will provide a proper moisturizing to your skin and prepare it for an ideal further makeup.

How to Choose Foundation According to Your Skin Type

Having studied the foundation types, now let’s see which one is best for each skin type separately.

Foundation for Dry Skin

This is the type of skin that easily gets influenced from weather conditions and has a tendency to age faster than any other skin type, since wrinkles appear on dry skin pretty soon. So your skin will need lots of nutrition and moisturizing to keep up with these unwanted factors. That is why you should keep on buying water or oil based foundations. As has been mentioned above, go for either liquid foundation or tinted moisturizers, but avoid powders in any case.

Foundation for Oily Skin

Oily skin, on the contrary, is in no need of extra moisturizing. To make your T-zone look fine, take oil free foundations. Matte ones or powder foundations are the ideal choice too. Unlike liquid foundations that can be applied with the fingers in some cases, never do this with your oily face, since when applying the foundation with your fingers you will transfer oil onto your entire face. Opt for cosmetic sponges only.

Foundation for Normal Skin

You can be very happy if you have this skin type. It is the ideal skin type that does not need to think about being moisturized or vice versa, dried. You can easily take any foundation you like: liquid, powder or creamy ones.

Foundation for Sensitive Skin

You face irritation, redness and discomfort when applying a foundation? Then you haven’t chosen the one that is for sensitive skin type. Whenever buying a foundation, read carefully the labels, since you need to take fragrance free, hypo allergic foundations designed for sensitive skin especially. Nevertheless, if you have tried these types and still you experience those bad points on your face, better refrain from any products at all.

How to Choose the Right Foundation Color

Now, that we have got acquainted with our skin type and the best fitting foundation type, it is time to consider the proper color, which is also very important in the foundation choice.

Whenever choosing a foundation, you should take the one that is a semi tone or even a tone lighter than your skin is. It is best to apply small amount on your face and have a look in the mirror. Most of us usually test a small amount of foundation on our fingers or forearm which is really decisive, since the foundation does not fit the same way on the forearm and on the face skin. You will have a false impression. Choose a place, where there is natural light and check if it blends into your skin. However, if you cannot match the correct tone for your skin, go for experimenting. Blend two shades together, better one being lighter than your skin, the second darker, and try the mixture. Keep on blending till you find the matching tone.
Make sure to change your foundation according to seasons, since your skin normally changes a bit. In winter for example, it gets pale so you may like to take a darker shade to look natural.

How to Apply Foundation

Suppose you have chosen the perfect foundation that suits your complexion but if you do not apply it correctly you will not have the flawless look. So glance through these easy foundation application tips.

1. First of all wash your hands prior to applying the foundation, regardless of the fact that you are using a sponge.

2. Clean your face with a cleansing tool and apply a moisturizer.

3. Apply a concealer under your eyes to make the foundation look natural.

4. Always give preference to sponges rather than your fingers.

5. If you want to dust your face with a slight powder layer for a final touch, wait until your previous foundation dries on your face, so that when applying the powder the moisture is not drawn off your face.

Now your face is ready for the rest of the makeup. Keep in mind all these details when purchasing a foundation and you will always have a natural and clean look. Besides, your face will neither get irritated, nor become extra dry or oily and moreover, you will be able to struggle against aging by the correct choice of the foundation type.

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