Fashion Tips for Rectangular Shaped Body

We all know that different people have different body shapes. Some can boast for their thin thighs, others for their full bosom, while the rest for their athletic looks. If you have an athletic look, that is your hips and your bust are almost the same width, do not get upset since we have a series of useful style tips that can help you to look perfectly proportioned. A rectangular body shape is a widely spread one and there are lots of tricks to make your body look balanced. This is a shape that can be met in modeling business especially. Most celebrities, like Nicole Kidman, for example, belong to this body shape category.

Fashion Tips for Rectangular Shaped Body

H shaped girls are normally thin. So you can feel at ease that your proportions are not bad at all and you can choose lots of fashionable clothes. Not only should you choose right clothes for your figure, but also pay attention to the color, as well as to the material of the clothes, since they all add their minuses or pluses to your overall look. The most important thing to keep in mind is being honest to you first of all. If you know the peculiarities of your body, admit them and then choose the clothes according to your figure rather than rushing for those clothes that are elegant, appealing, yet will not suit you at all. Once you understand your body, it will make things easier. Make your boyish like figure obtain femininity and elegance with the best clothes you choose.

To learn how to dress a rectangular shaped body, follow the tips below.

Since you have a straight line from your bust till your hips, you should focus your attention on creating curves that will balance the figure and make it clear where your waist ends and your hips start. In this respect, you should prefer lighter colors rather than dark ones, since they usually tend to make your body look bigger. Since you are thin there is no need to look even slimmer wearing black clothes.

When choosing a color, it is not necessary to have one light color, you can take any prints or patterns that will create the same effect. Nevertheless avoid vertical stripes, since they will make you look straight from top till the toes. The right color always hides the unwanted areas, whereas your pluses are emphasized in the correct light. You can trick with colors and prints.

You should also not forget about your shoulders. To make your clothes look nice and best fitting, use shoulder pads. The latter will not let your clothes simply hang on you. Besides with your shoulders now looking a little wider, there will be a contrast between the shoulder and waist line, from which you will only benefit.

The next step in the correct choice of clothes is choosing the appropriate fabric. Tight fabrics work well since they add volume to your body. But choose the fabric in measure. If you want to wear a heavy fabric then do not pick your entire outfit in the same fabric, otherwise you will look like a box. If you have heavy fabric on your top, then the lower part should be highlighted, to look slim, accordingly a lighter fabric should be chosen. You can easily wear heavy fabrics like wool, leather and feel fine. Synthetic materials, of course, look more elegant, but they will show your figure just as it is, without any curves and you will no way hide your boyish features.

Opt for the best matching styles to your figure. You should create a feminine look with the right cut on your clothes. Stay away from baggy styles. When you are picking tops and jackets, look for styles that have a gentle flare from the waist down to the hips. V neckline is an ideal variant for any shirts or blouses. Since your upper part should get more texture, choose jackets that have some pockets on them. They really work well for you. When choosing jackets, always prefer those that are not long, just ending on your waistline, since the longer ones will cover your hip parts and the curves you created will be concealed.

What concerns your lower part of the body, you can choose any pants you like. Since your legs are slim, you can easily wear tights, wide legged pants will work well too. You can pick pants with a low waistline that will create curves on the area.

What concerns skirts you can choose any shape you like; pencil, drop waist and even asymmetrical ones. Your goal is avoiding any straight things, so better refrain from straight miniskirts that will not show your figure in the desired way.

Choose accessories that can transfer your rectangular shaped body into a curved one. Belts for example are a perfect solution. You can wear a belt right on your waist, or even a little above your hips adding mass to your figure. If you are wearing a light dress, you should at least think about something to define. Go for a dark belt to highlight your waist line. For the upper part of your figure you can trick with numerous jewelry pieces. Necklaces will occupy your neck zone and make it look full. So feel free to get as many necklaces as you like for different occasions.

What concerns your shoes, you can easily go for high heels. Flats can also be worn upon your wish.

Since a rectangular body shape is a difficult one to dress, study your body accurately and opt for those clothes that will really suit you. Remember no shape is ideal unless it is dressed in an ideal way. All women have at least one unwanted area in their body that they always strive to conceal. So take things easy, pay attention to every detail, follow the tips above and get a feminine and elegant look with the right choice of clothes.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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