Fashion Tips for Hourglass Shaped Body

Hourglass shape is the most anticipated shape among all the body types. It is very feminine, sexy ad ideal that one cannot stop admiring it. If you are gifted with this adorable shape, you are the luckiest woman in the world.

Hourglass shaped women have fuller bust and bottom to contrast with the smaller waist. You’re blessed with a very sexy shape so you need to learn how to present your gorgeous figure correctly, so that not to look way too sexy, thanks to your voluminous bust and hips. Be careful not to overdo your clothes with ruffles, bows and other frills as your figure itself is enough to draw attention, so you can keep everything simple and still look fabulous.

Fashion Tips for Hourglass Shaped Body

Hourglass is really an ideal shape because of its proportions and defined waist. The waist is at least 10 cm thinner than the bust. This is the most envied shape that everybody tries to create with choosing clothes that will make the illusion of a natural hourglass. You have a defined waist, and your bust line and hip line are of the same width. Even when you gain weight, the fat will not gather in one place only making you suffer, but it rather spreads evenly throughout your proportional curves. What else do you have to think about? Read our useful fashion tips below to dress up an hourglass body nicely and correctly.

Even though an hourglass is considered a separate body shape, it has some similarities with the rest of the shapes. Hourglass body shaped girls may sometimes have slightly fleshy upper arms that make your shoulders look wider resembling those of an Inverted Triangle. Or maybe you have little fuller hips, which are characteristic to the Pear Shaped body. So you will have to learn the tricks form those body shapes as well to look fantastic. Hurry up to follow the guidelines below to achieve the best look.

Most women spend much time and efforts visiting the gym, dieting all the time to reach this particular shape. To accentuate your look, first of all consider every detail of your clothing thoroughly. You should first of all accentuate your waistline which is thin and really needs to be highlighted.

Choose waist accentuating clothes. Voluminous skirts work well with this shape, since they make your waist even more slender. However, pencil shaped skirts are also welcome, since they are flattering on your body too. Whenever you are wearing a dress that is not tight, but rather loose, make sure to always define the waist line: a belt in a dark shade worn on the narrowest part of your waist will highlight your advantages. Give preference to stretchy materials, which will highlight your figure and show off your natural curves. V-necks blouses are ideal for you, since they will focus attention onto your most favorable part – the bust line.

When you are choosing clothes, give preference to soft rather than bulky fabrics. Tops with vertical stripes will elongate your body. You can go for one piece outfits, that will suit you perfectly, without creating additional curves and showing your body as it is.

Always take fitting jackets or coats. You can take both short ones, that end right under your waistline, or go for long ones. In this case, make sure to wear a thin belt just below the waist line, to emphasize your thin part of the body. Nevertheless if you are of short height, it is preferable to take short coats and jackets, not to hide your hips and look even shorter.

What concerns the lower part of the body, this is the type of shape that only feminine pieces, like skirts or dresses should be worn. Nevertheless, when picking pants you can easily take wide legged ones. You will feel very comfortable in them. If you want tight ones, however, prefer stretchy jeans without any pockets or accentuated parts on the hip area, not to make them look wider. Also make sure the pants are low-rise.

A line or pencil shaped skirts look wonderful on an hourglass body. If you are choosing dresses, then a knee height or slightly under the knee is wonderful and you will look taller. Strapless or off-the shoulder necklines are also ideal for you.

However you should be avoiding too much curves. There are girls however, who do not want to make their already highlighted body be even more highlighted with a correct choice of clothes. So they do their best to downplay their curves and look slimmer and thinner. If you belong to this type of girls, read the tips below to achieve the result.

• Opt for a monochromatic outfit in darker shades.

• Always give preference to clothes with vertical details, including pleated pieces, ones featuring vertical prints, or with buttons placed downwards.

• Go for straight jeans that hug around your hips.

• Choose tops with a low neckline in order to make your torso look slimmer.

• Pick tops that extend below your hipbone or past the thighs.

• Wear belts on your thinnest part to show off your hourglass figure.

• Always wear high heels to elongate your legs and look slimmer.

High heels will make you look taller and slimmer. Because of your curvy hips, you should always opt for shoes that will elongate your lower body part. Ideal shoes for you are cone heel shoes, wedge heel shoes and, of course, open toe shoes.

Your body itself is already enviable. So you do not belong to the type of women, who have to think much about concealing unwanted areas on their body. Appreciate your body privileges and use simple clothes to look natural. Remember whenever you over dress, highlighting all your curves at a time, you will create a somewhat vulgar silhouette. Keep to simplicity and have a natural stunning look.

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