Tips for Choosing and Applying Blush

It has always been so girlish and so charming to have defined red cheeks that highlight your femininity. Nevertheless, with today’s tendency in makeup art the traditional red cheeks have given their way to more pinkish and even brownish shades that really look wonderful depending on what background it is applied on.

Tips for Choosing and Applying Blush

When it comes to choosing a blush for us, it may be the most difficult part of the overall makeup choice. In order not to look pale or too much blushed like a clown, you should pick the right blush for our skin type and tone. Since there are different skin types, varying from a pale to a darker one, as well as medium shaded skins, then accordingly different blushes should be picked for each of them separately.

Knowing your skin tone is the key element in picking the brush. If you want to have a flawless finish on your makeup make sure to at least have to shades at hands, so that you can experiment with the shades and find the best matching one.

In addition to choosing the right blush for your skin tone, you should also take into consideration seasonal changes, since your skin needs to be highlighted in winter time, so accordingly you will need to change the blush shade appropriate for every season. To learn how to choose the right blush and how to correctly apply the latter, follow the makeup tips below.

How to Choose and Apply a Blush

First of all make sure to choose the blush that matches your skin tone. Once you find this tone, then you can consider half of the task completed.

Next choose the type of the blush. In the variety of blushes offered in the market today it is really difficult to pick one out. There are cream blushes, liquid and powder ones, which all seem to be perfect. If you are a beginner in applying a blush, better go for a traditional powder blush which is easy to handle. For instance, a powder blush is an ideal pick if you want to create natural beauty: just apply a bit of powder blush to your cheekbones after you have applied your foundation and powder. Use a wide brush to create wonderful and defined cheekbones.

Once you master the techniques of applying a powder blush, then you can easily switch to a cream one, which requires much skills in the application procedure. All of us know it well, when choosing a foundation for your skin, dry skin normally requires moisturizing cream foundations, while oily skin is in need of a dry powder foundation. The same can be experienced with the choice of the blushes. Dry skin usually goes well when we apply a cream blush, which contains moisture in it and effectively provides your skin with the necessary support. So whenever applying a cream blush, make sure to use a small amount of it onto your cheekbones prior to applying your foundation. Work with your fingertips or with a special cosmetic sponge. By doing so, you create an ideal base for your makeup.

However, not only is the cream blush suitable for dry skin types, but also suits well for the rest skin types. It is very convenient to work with and gives you perfect and defined cheekbones.
What concerns liquid blushes, then keep in mind that they tend to dry fast, unlike a creamy blush this one lacks moisturizing. So better again apply it prior to using the foundation, so that is works well. Once applied, it will last longer than any other blush. And in general, keep in mind this little trick: if you want your blush to look vividly, you should certainly apply it after the foundation and blend it properly, yet if you long for a subtle look, apply the blush under your foundation. You do not have to fear and apply a thick layer of the blush under the foundation and the result will be fascinating.

When applying a blush, the first and most known way is smiling naturally. Once you smile your cheekbones will be defined and you will see where to exactly apply the brush. You can use a sponge or a brush to apply. Whenever using a brush, remember to move it up and down on your cheekbones. Whereas using a sponge you should apply it in circular motions. Try each of them and check out which one is more convenient for you to work with.

For the right blush application, you should also learn your face shape, since round and sharp jawed faces require different approaches. It is considered that for a round face a blush should be applied from cheekbones to temples, while for a protruded jaw you should apply in the opposite direction, from temples to cheekbones. Don’t apply blushes beneath the cheekbones or it will drag the face down.

When it comes to the color of the blush, you have to choose between pink, peachy and beige-pink blushes. Remember that peachy ones and rose-pink shades go well for all skin colors, while dark skin requires a beige-pink blush, as well as perfect champagne shades. What concerns lighter skin, it will look perfect in a pale pink blush.

Apply the blush correctly and you will have a stunning look. Remember every single item of makeup has its honorable place on your face. So make it a habit of using a blush for a final touch and make your cheeks look sexy and natural, especially in cold weather, when your skin demands special emphasis.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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