How to Shape Your Nose With Makeup

A correct makeup is like a magic stick that transfers your ordinary look into a fantastic one. Makeup tricks are always just in case whenever you do not have a smooth facial skin and moreover, if your features are not ideal according to you. Most of us try tips to make our forehead look wider; others tend to have plump lips, while great deal of girls want to change the shape of their nose with makeup. Be it a big, narrow or wide spread nose, just learn techniques of applying makeup on this area correctly and you will get the desired shape.

Of course, you can choose an easier way to once and forever get rid of the unwanted shape of your nose by having a surgery. However, it is better to find a solution in a more natural way rather than taking such a serious step, which is both painful and costs a great deal of money. Makeup will always make miracles, so hurry up to study carefully the tips below to shape your nose with makeup. If you have a vividly accentuated nose and the rest of your features are pretty small, you really have great problems. To make them look balanced learn the basics of makeup to look harmonious.

How to Shape Your Nose With Makeup

Foundation Tricks to Make Nose Look Ideal

Foundation does not only make your skin look smooth and flawless, hiding skin imperfections, but can also be applied to make your nose look ideal. To achieve the result, you should choose a foundation that is a shade darker than your facial skin tone is. Do not apply this foundation as a base for your entire face. This is to be used for the nose area only. Apply it to each side of your nose and even beneath the nose in case you have a wide nose. Blending the dark foundation with your natural skin tone, your nose can appear smaller.

The rest of the makeup plays a dominant role in the case when you want to draw attention from your nose. It is highly recommended to have defined eyes or cheekbones that will draw the attention away from your nose and your other features that look so charming will gain power.

However, if you do not want to risk better learn the ideal tips to reshape your nose.

To achieve best results have a foundation that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone. This will act as a shadow, as well as another foundation that is two or three shades lighter than your skin tone. This will act as a highlighter. Once you have these foundations start the procedure.

Flat Nose: Use some highlight on the center of the nose, making sure you leave the sides intact. Blend it well.

Broad Nose: Since a broad nose covers much space on our face it makes things difficult a little bit. However, a broad nose can be made slimmer with a foundation that is a shade darker than your natural skin tone is. Using a small, firm brush, apply it on the sides of the nose, blending well. You have to apply the foundation starting right below the inner corners of your brows and making your way through the nostril sides. Now, take a lighter shade of foundation and apply it on the bridge of the nose.

Narrow Nose: Choose a concealer that is a little darker than your natural skin tone and apply it on the center of your nose. As for the sides of your nose and the nostrils, they should be covered with a lighter foundation tone.

Long Nose: Take a foundation a few shades darker than your natural skin tone and cover the nose tip with it, right between and around the nostrils. Next, give a slight highlight on the upper part of the nose.

Short Nose: If you have a short nose and dream to make it appear longer, highlight over and under the tip of your nose with a foundation.

Crooked Nose: Apply a straight highlight down the bridge of your nose and shadow the sides. If there is a bend you can feel free to highlight the area opposite the bend as well.

Use these techniques and you will get a natural looking nose that will go well with the rest of your features. And once forever forget about any surgery, it is pointless when you can fix the problem yourself easily.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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