How to Apply False Eyelashes

The heavy coat on your eyes that is created with the help of naturally long eyelashes looks very elegant and charming. However, what to do when you weren’t born with eyelashes with the desired volume and length? Learn the best ways of applying false eyelashes to avoid ruining your eyesight and damaging the sensitive skin round your eye zone. Follow the tips below to learn how to apply false eyelashes.

How To Apply False EyelashesFirst of all, determine the look you want to create. If you want to have a dramatic look just for one evening, you will need a set of special eyelashes, for daily use however, simple ones can be applied.

You can choose different colors for different occasions. For an evening look, you can go for black eyelashes or dark brown ones, which will look natural and dramatic at the same time. With darker colors there will not even be a need to apply mascara, since they already look dramatic.

For a more natural look during daytime, opt for light brown or other shades of brown, especially if you have lighter lashes.

When choosing false eyelashes pay attention to the length. Never wear longer lashes than your natural ones. It will look very artificial; besides it will be inconvenient for you to wear them long. Trim the lashes, so that they reach the length of your natural lashes.

When it comes to eyelash application, you should be very careful to follow these steps. Make sure you have removed any eye makeup, since you are going to work with your fingers, and any eyeshadow or makeup on your eyes may fall into your eye and irritate it. Wash your hands thoroughly and only then start the application.

Take one of the lashes, apply a little amount of the special glue that comes with the set, apply a thin line along the base and let it sit for one minute. Watch out not to apply the glue directly to the lids, since you’ll this way glue your eye shut.

Place the lash above your eyelashes close to your lash line looking in the mirror, so that to follow the natural curve correctly. To make the lashes stick firmly, adjust it with your fingertips.

Once you have done this, pass on to the second eye and repeat the procedure step by step. Wait for a few minutes for the lashes to completely dry. With your false lashes on, you can now start the eye makeup.

If you are applying individual lashes, however, put a few drops of lash glue on a hard surface. Once it becomes tacky, use a set of tweezers to pick up the eyelashes and dip the root in the adhesive. Then apply each lash to your natural ones, starting from the outer corner of the eyes.

In case a drop of glue gets into your eye accidentally, immediately take the eyelashes off, wash your eye and dry it and then only start applying the false eyelashes again.

Keep in mind that false eyelashes should not be worn all day long and moreover, never go to sleep wearing them. Use a makeup remover to remove the lashes. Do it carefully, without pulling the lashes from your own ones to avoid pulling the natural ones.

You can also remove false eyelashes with warm water, holding a washcloth over the lashes to loosen the glue. Always put the false lashes in their special cleaning solution, then into the package, to keep them fresh for the next use.

Use false eyelashes whenever there is a need to highlight your eyes. If you are going to wear them on a special occasion for the first time, take your time to practice a little prior to the day, so that you can easily apply them without irritating your eye.

Use as little glue as possible. Better use individual lashes if your natural lashes are long enough but are not so close to each other. It will add volume and drama to your look.

Having read through these useful beauty tips, you will hardly ever face a bad experience when applying false eyelashes. Choose high quality ones and apply them correctly. With perfect eyelashes you will have a more expressive look wherever you go.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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