Red Lips and Winged Eyeliner Tips

The classical and most womanly lip stick color will always remain the red one. This color has always made all ladies look sexier and desired. Your lips look so juicy and attractive when accentuated with this given color. However red is really a capricious color and does not suit everybody. Before deciding to experiment first try several shades at home, do not lame to ask your friends how it suits you and then only dare to wear it outside. Women with red lips have always created the impression of being very courageous, daring and with principles.

Red Lips and Winged Eyeliner Tips

In the makeup history it has always been stated that whenever one feature of the face is vividly accentuated then there should never be a second hot point, for harmony. So if we are fond of red lips, which are already a bright highlight on the face, then how should our eyes look, in order not to look vulgar, at the same time look appealing? While the rule is to keep eye makeup simple when having red lips, you can still experiment and have a wild look. Let’s have a look at the beauty tips revealing how to wear red lips with winged eyeliner and look chic and feminine.

How to Create Winged Eyeliner

As is the basics of applying any eyeliner, first of all apply primer onto your lid to even the surface and create a smooth base for the eyeliner. By doing so, you will reduce the possibility of the eyeliner from fading. You can first use pencil eyeliner to give the desired sketches and then highlight the latter with liquid one. If you want to get sexy looking cattish wings, apply liquid liner or a thin-brushed liner. Thick ones are difficult to handle, besides you will end up having a very thick line which will cover most of your eyelid and will darken your appearance. It is better to stick to familiar to you eyeliner, to work easier. When applying the eyeliner, make sure there is not too much liner on the brush and it glides easily. Besides you can take waterproof eyeliner to be on the safe side. Once you apply the eyeliner do not blink your eyes and let it dry fast.

Line your lashes under your eyes and make the wings by lining the top of your eye with a heavy coat, following your natural line as closely as possible. Extend it slightly. The easiest way to do it is not having several small lines, but better starting at the inside and going straight out, with a continuous line, instead of taking it piece by piece, since in this case you are more likely not to get an even line. Do not apply the line too far: it should be halfway between the inner corner of your eye and your eyebrow. You can extend the line upward for more emphasis on your eyes. For a more dramatic look, you can make the line thicker, only if you master in the techniques. For beginners it will be a difficult task to get a second even line, even though they already have the base line.

How to Create Vampy Red Lips

Once finished with the eyes, start applying the sexy red lipstick. Use bright red shades to enhance thin lips, and darker shades for thicker ones.

To start with, apply a light layer of liquid foundation and let it dry. In order to keep the foundation, apply translucent powder onto your lips. These two, like the premier in the case of applying eyeliner, will provide a smooth and flawless base for the lip stick and besides it will last longer. And start applying the liner that matches the shade of the red lipstick you are going to wear. Smudge the liner around the edges for a natural look. And finally apply the lipstick. As a variant you can apply the latter with a special brush.

As a result you receive a hot look with accentuated lips and sexy expressive eyes, yet not looking vulgar and not even having an over makeup. Feel free to slightly highlight your eyes with these glamorous wings. With your natural looking red lips and winged eyes all the doors are open in front of your charm.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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