How to Make Eyeliner Stay in Place

All of us have experienced the unpleasant situation of the makeup starting to melt or smudge. The eyeliner especially, belongs to the part of the makeup products that have a tendency to easily smudge and make one look weary creating the impression as if the makeup is from yesterday’s party. The reason for such a disaster varies: it may be due to hot weather, when regardless of the high quality of eyeliner, it does not stay in place, or oily skin, which, no matter summer or winter, always faces the problem. In order to make your look perfect, you should take measures to avoid such cases, especially when it concerns eyes, since they are the key part of the face you emphasize most of all for gaining a glamorous look. So what you need to do is learning tips to keep eyeliner stay in place as long as you are wearing the entire makeup on.

How to Make Eyeliner Stay in Place

How to Make Eyeliner Last Longer

The basic rule that should be followed prior to applying the eyeliner is having clean skin round the eye zone. Remove all the grease and oil from your eyelids with the help of a cleansing pad. Once your eyelid is clean start using primer, which is number one key element to succeed in applying eyeliner. Primers can be used with the help of the applicator that comes with them, or you can use your middle finger instead. Start applying the primer right at the root of the top eyelashes and go up the crease of the eye. Also apply the primer around lower eyelashes, from the root down. Follow the instructions of the primer and let it dry as much as is required according to it.

Now, apply the eyeliner on the lower lid starting from the outer corner of the eye and going to the inner one. Afterwards, use a little amount of translucent powder on the line drawn. When it comes to the top lid, draw the line vice versa, starting from the inner corner and working your way toward the outer edge of the eye. Only now make sure to draw your line as close to the lash roots, as possible.

Both eye pencils and liquid liners are needed to emphasize our eyes. The difference between them is that a liquid one is a bit difficult to apply, especially if you’re a beginner. Start with an eye pencil first so that to create a straight line. Once you master in it, go for liquid eyeliner. Nowadays it is highly recommended to use them both to reach a better result. Once you draw a line with a pencil, you create a basis for the liquid eyeliner, which adds additional emphasis to an eye.

To be able to reach a smooth result, always use an eyeliner pencil that glides easily. Always keep it sharpened thoroughly. For this, use sharpener that is designed for eyeliners. A secret of sharpening a pencil is in freezing the pencil for several minutes before sharpening it. When it is firm, it is easy to sharpen. Next draw a smooth line with the liquid liner on top of the penciled line and let the liquid eyeliner dry thoroughly before blinking your eye. For a more dramatic look, you can use some translucent powder over the line drawn, after it’s completely dry.

Once you have finished this, start applying the eye shadow. When the eyeliner is completely dry, you will never spoil its look when applying the shadow. Nevertheless use small amount of the eye shadow applying it with a soft brush very carefully.

And finally you can apply the mascara for a final touch.

Use these easy makeup tips for your everyday makeup and you will soon master the techniques. Always be careful when working on an eye. Do not hurry up and do the job with love. Don’t be afraid to draw a crooked line. Nothing is reached easily without much practice. Don’t let your fingers tremble, arm yourself with courage and patience and you will succeed in the task.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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