How to Braid a Headband

How to Braid a Headband

If you are tired of your everyday ordinary looking straight or wavy hair, braids can be an amazing alternative, which are always in fashion and are very feminine. One of the stylish looks of a braid is a braided headband. You do not necessarily need to have very long hair as is needed for a long full braid or a side braid: for this look even shoulder length hair will do. This type of braids belongs to the easiest ones that can be achieved within several seconds and is very convenient for those lazy days when nothing else comes to your mind. The braid looks elegant, young, fresh and cute. You can have a thick or thin headband, you can also start by covering all the hair from your forehead, or you can leave some layers of hair in front. Try all the ways and find the best that will suit you. To learn how to braid a headband, read the tips below.

How to Braid a Headband
There are several ways to braid a headband. Always have at hands a comb or brush, hair spray or gel, if you are afraid your soft hair will not stay, and hair ties/elastics of your hair color.

Let’s start from the most ordinary one that is popular among all the girls. You should start braiding the hair from one ear to the other one. For a start brush your hair thoroughly. Using a comb, draw an even line from the top of starting ear up to the top of the finishing ear, combing all the hair forward from the line into your face. For the rest of your hair not to irritate you, secure it with a band or have a ponytail.

Take a small section of hair just above or beneath your ear, however convenient it is for you and start braiding and go upward then down to your next ear. Once you reach the other ear, secure the tips of the braid with a pin or a tie of your hair color. This hairstyle does not have to be perfect, especially when you have a layered haircut.

If you want to make your braid be firm and last long, but at the same time you do not want it to be tight, which will make you suffer from terrible headache all day long and you will be dreaming of unfastening your hair as soon as possible, then braid with normal pressure, not too loose, not too tight. Only make sure to secure the braid properly at least.

You can have either a thick headband or a thin one. It depends on how much hair you take for braiding. If you want to have a thicker braid, take much portion of hair. But in this case you had better braid a little tighter, since the more hair you braid the looser it may become soon.

Another way to style a braided headband is having two braids instead of one. For this you will have to separate your hair in the center. Then start working first from the left ear to the right, then vice versa, from the right to the left. Once you finish braiding the one from right ear to the left, secure it with a tie. Then repeat the same action from left ear to the right. You will have two parallel braids at a time. What concerns the rest of your hair you can think of whatever your mood inspires you.

How to Braid a Headband

How to Braid a Headband
For any type of hair, curls, waves or simple straight hair, a headband is ok. For a casual everyday look you can have messy hair, and for a more elegant look, choose straight hair. Use a flat iron for the final touch.

If you want to have a more dramatic look, opt for waves that will look harmoniously with the braid. Besides if you are getting ready for a special occasion, waves will add more elegance and chic to your look. Or if you are going to a prom where you would like to appear princess like, then the crown of the headband and the waves will look gorgeous for sure. You can also use a small brooch on one side of the headband for a more dramatic look.

Braided Headband Tutorial

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