How to Choose Attractive Lingerie

How to Choose Attractive Lingerie

All women always try to impress their man every now and then. And what is the best way to attract their attention most, if not wearing a hot lingerie set that makes them lose their mind at once? Since men are more visual like by nature than women, they easily get under the impression of visual effects. They cannot take their eyes away from what looks trendy and appealing in women. Adding intrigues and seductive lingerie will definitely help you keep a long relationship based on romance and sexuality.

How to Choose Attractive Lingerie
A real woman should always keep an eye on everything; never miss the chance to attract her man. Men get isolated in their world, busy with their daily problems, and they sometimes may not even seem to notice you. Play tricks to catch his attention. Take a bath with aromatic oils, put on lingerie that will turn him on and catch his attention. Always keep on surprising him with your seductive look. Increase the excitement and temptation; make him feel your warmth and taste. To learn more about what lingerie to choose to impress your man, read the style tips below.

Men like nice looking staff. They cannot fail to notice your classical black, laced lingerie that has been and is always the must-have lingerie in every woman’s lingerie wardrobe. Choose a transparent set, of a soft material, like lycra and silk that highlight your figure and show off your beauty.

Make Your Bust Look Gorgeous

Corsets and bustier are great, as they provide support to the breast, as well as give you an excellent curved figure. Moreover, modern corsets feature more comfortable materials so that you are sure to get the desired effect.

You should only use a set to help you define your silhouette. If your bust is large, but dropped, opt for a model with rings; they will help give you the right way. Preferably, choose demi bras to highlight your charm. You should only use a very gorgeous corset to hide the surplus, so use the pin up look that lets the corset impress your guy.

For medium bust size use pushups, which really present your bust in a dramatic look.

For small bust however, try either pushup bras, or if the latter does not create your desired silhouette, then turn to a tricky method of highlighting other parts of your body, that will make him lose his head, for instance, work on your lower part of the figure rather than on the upper one.

Feel Free to Combine Materials

Do not be afraid to choose lingerie of different materials, they still look hot. Choose best matching ones with laces, you can take silk with laces of different colors, like combining black with purple that really looks hot. Or you can even choose cotton, wearing a transparent nightgown on top.

Choose Demonstrative Colors

Opt for bright and demonstrative colors. The same set of lingerie in white or nude will not have the same effect as when it is purple, blue, black and red combined together. You can combine colors, but do that appropriately. Try several sets in different colors and find the best matching one. You can wear black lingerie and have a night gown worn on top that is of different color, for example, a black bra and a red transparent gown. It will increase his interest. Match the color of the stockings with the lingerie.

The pattern of the lingerie is also of importance. The most famous trend nowadays is a leopard pattern that no man can resist. It has always been in fashion and will continue to be a must-have in every woman’s collection of lingerie. Men like kitties or lionesses, so hurry up to get one set in this pattern for a wilder night.

How to Choose Attractive Lingerie

Use the Cleavage as an Asset

It is not a secret that men adore this part of the body. Use a bra that will have narrow laces on the cleavage area and will give a hint of femininity to your sweetheart. You can accentuate your look by wearing a necklace, that will make your neck look amazing and will add magnetism to the area round the cleavage.

Last but not least, even the most gorgeous and seductive lingerie will lose its charm if you don’t know the techniques to present yourself in a feminine, sophisticated manner. Keep in mind that guys always like feminine and elegant women. Let gentle, romantic music play in the background, create a warm atmosphere surrounded by candles and make your beloved enjoy the heavenly moments of his day.

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