How to Wear Candy Makeup

Feel tired of your usual, everyday makeup? Want to try something new and sweet? Thinking to get rid of the monotonous colors you have in your makeup kit and freshen your look with bright, candy shades? Then the candy makeup trend will definitely interest you! Not only it is typical of summer to use bright colors in makeup, but also during chilly autumn and cold winter, when you have the strong desire to break the monotony of the dark colors and diminish the boredom of the lifeless season, pale faces by soft and lively makeup looks. Nevertheless, using candy colors on every day basis is not advised, unless you want to look funny. Keeping the original look for special occasions is definitely a better idea, when you strive for something elegant, extraordinary, glamorous and eye-catching. Candy makeup is the hottest trend in makeup that adds excitement to your look, highlighting your cheerful personality.

How to Wear Candy Makeup
Being instantly eye-catching and a little capricious, candy makeup requires certain tips to be followed. Below, we present some useful makeup tips for all those who want to know how to wear candy makeup, how to look delicious, colorful and original. Highlight the beauty of your eyes, cheeks and lips with the use of this fairy makeup.

To start with, focus your attention on what exactly you want to highlight. Since the colors are so bright, it is important that only one part of your face is highlighted, either your lips, eyes or cheeks, but never all together, not to look like a clown.

Candy Makeup for Eyes

First of all begin with your eyes. Most girls highlight their eyes especially, since they are the most expressive and emotional parts on one’s face. In order to make the makeup last long, create a smooth and long lasting base. Use an under eye concealer on upper and lower eyelids. Then start applying the eye shadow. You can take different colors, using one on the inner corner of the eye, and then continuing with another color on the rest of the eye, creating a fresh candy mix. You can mix colors without fearing. Bright blue or mint green are the colors that match everybody, with any skin color. They are convenient for an evening look especially. For more emphasis you can apply blue eye shadow on the inner part of the eye then take pink or coral in the middle of the eye, and finally finish with purple on the outer corner. Feel free to use black mascara. For an evening look any other colored mascara can be perfect.

Candy Makeup for Cheeks

The next area to work on is the cheeks. Candy cheeks will look youthful, delicate and girlish. Again before passing on to the cheeks, first of all work on the base, for the latter to look smooth. Apply foundation on your clean face. The foundation should be exactly matching your face tone. A liquid or cream foundation is better than a powder one especially for dry skin type, since the latter are more moisturizing. Then apply the powder blush, again you can take creamy ones of any color you like: peach, pink. A dusky pink tone of a blush will instantly brighten up tired-looking skin. Do not put much blush onto your brush not to have an artificial look. Apply the blush on the apple of your cheek carefully. You can use a subtle touch of shimmery blush on the highest points of your cheekbones for a sexy result. Your cheeks become lively, hot and fresh.

Candy Makeup for Lips

Candy makeup looks amazing on lips. This way you can create a super-kissable, sugary pout that could hardly be missed. It is normally accepted to match the color of the lipstick with the blush, to have a more harmonious look. You can take pink, purple lipsticks. Nevertheless since the essence of a candy makeup is to differ from an every day one, do not hesitate to take any color you like. You can even use red for a sexier look. However keep in mind that if you have already emphasized any of the other parts of your face, be it your eyes or cheeks, then do not over makeup your lips, not to look vulgar. If you want your lips to be highlighted, then use a lip gloss at the end to create sweeter and tastier sugar lips. When using red lipstick better refrain from any base liners, especially if you are just starting to use this color. And no need to use a gloss afterwards. For pale pink or purple lipstick, feel free to use a base liner, so that the lipstick does not wear off fast.

Candy Nails

Last but not least, a nice idea of nailing down the candy makeup trend is to opt for a lovely candy nail polish. Here, you have less restrictions. You can wear candy nails on any occasion, matching your nail color with your outfits or contrasting it with them for a more creative look. Think mint green, sugary pink, lilac, lovely yellow or any other shade that comes to your mind. You can also create ombre nails, experimenting with your favorite candy shades.

With such a stunning candy makeup you are welcome to any party. You can feel safe since you will astonish everybody with your hot look. And be sure that many from the opposite sex will hurry to invite you to another party pretty soon. Think of wearing a candy like hot makeup in the same style.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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