How to Style Curls

How to Style Curls

Sexy, girlish curls are so lovely, that you cannot stop admiring them. They look so gorgeous and appealing for every occasion. The hair is smooth, shiny, playful, fluffy and curly, somewhat angel like and typical for a real lady or an ancient Greek goddess. Curly hair is so natural looking, that those who have natural curls from birth can boast a lot, since it is a real privilege. Whenever you do not have time to style your hair, you simply have to wash and go. They look so sexy even when still wet.

However, as it is common to a human’s nature, we always strive for something we do not have. When having curls we aim to straighten them as soon as possible and hurry up to get a flat iron. With straight hair, on the contrary we dream for those lovely curls day and night. There are different ways to create lovely waves. Follow the tips below and learn more about this hairstyle. You will finally learn how to style curls easily in no time using nothing more than hair rollers, clips or bobby pins and your own two hands.

How to Style Curls

Create Curls with Rollers

Using rollers is the most convenient means to create waves. First you do not have to spend much time in the morning or day time, because you can do this in the evening before going to sleep. Secondly your hair will not be damaged from the heat of so many curling irons. And third, it looks natural.

It is easy to get curls when the hair is wet. Wet hair is easy to work with, besides it takes the form you want to receive. Wash your hair with a shampoo first. Then let it dry, but let it remain slightly damp. Next divide your hair into several sections. If you want to have thin curls, then take smaller sections. Once you do so, start the curling. Take one section first, comb the hair and apply the ordinary curling roller. Start from the hair tips and reach your scalp. With the help of clips or pins secure the roller. Do the same action with the rest of the hair. However you would not like to have too curly portion of hair in front. For this simply take some strands of hair away from the rollers. Either wind the hair around your finger or fasten it with clips to have a more loose curl, or simply dry it flat with a drier upon completion, probably the next day. It is preferable to let the hair dry this way for several hours. The more the rollers remain so, the better result we will have. Later remove all the rollers and finish your look the way you like. You can either brush your hair or work with your fingers. Or else, you can do nothing; simply let the hair get its look itself.

How to Style Curls

Quick Curls with Hot Rollers

If you are in a hurry and want to have lovely curls within a short time, take hot rollers. Your hair, on the contrary to the previous tip, should be dry to get its look from the heat of the hot roller. Divide your hair into sections and start applying the hot roller on each section. You can either roll the tips of your hair only, or can start from the top hair, to add more volume. Fix the rollers with pins and let them remain so for 15 minutes at least, for the rollers to cool down and then only take them away. Use hairspray to fix the lovely curls.

Use Curling Irons

If you do not have rollers, then go for a curling iron. There are both large barreled ones and small ones. If your hair does not have natural curls it is better to use small barreled curling irons, which make the hair tight and the curls last longer. You can work on small sections of hair; however it is much time consuming. Once finished, brush your hair and apply some hairspray.

You can use curling irons when having short hair as well, since there is not much hair; again give preference to small barreled ones. You can either divide your hair in the middle and work on two sections, or have a side parting, for a more elegant look.

How to Style Curls

How to Style Curls

Create Random Curls

You can reach a romantic look by curling your hair with a curling iron, but not the standard way. To look a little extraordinary, start alternating the direction of the hair. Again divide the hair into several sections and with the help of either medium or small barreled curling irons start curling the hair in different directions, one forward, and the other backward. Once finished, give a final touch with your fingers or a brush and apply hairspray.

Keep in mind all these easy techniques of creating lovely locks and amaze everybody with your sexy, elegant and feminine look.

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