Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Pumpkin carving, haunted attractions, strange and frightening looks, bonfires, apple bobbing, scary movies and stories are what make a real Halloween. When the most expected holiday is already knocking at our doors, we start fussing about our looks. Halloween with its charm and weirdness is number one holiday that is being looked forward to once autumn starts. Not only it is popular among Americans, but also has become the favorite holiday of the world’s teens and youth. It is time to trick and treat on each other, wear funky costumes and amaze everyone with your creativity.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

No Halloween outfit will fit you well unless your hair and makeup is done properly. All you have to keep in mind is that Halloween is not a simple Holiday only. It is the day when all your attention and time should be focused on your, to differ from your everyday life and get a dramatic look. There are numerous makeup ideas typical for this holiday. Below you can get hints on what a makeup to wear on this great day.

Makeup for Halloween

Makeup can complement or break the costume. There are special costumes that require their individual makeup. Suppose you are going to dress up like a vampire and stop by choosing the dress only, forgetting about your pale look, that is typical of a vampire. A powdery and pale face is what a vampire costume requires. A real and correct makeup transforms your look from an ordinary to an extraordinary one. With the choice of a real makeup, you can make the character you are presenting a real one.

Don’t waste your time on thinking much and hurry to learn techniques of a real Halloween face painting.

Sexy Black Cat Makeup

First choose the costume. Secondly go for accessories. You’ll need ears and a tail for this costume. And third think about the makeup for a proof result. With a black eyeliner, paint the tip of your nose and add three or four whisker lines to the cheeks. Now, it’s time for a cat eye makeup. With a black liquid liner, draw a long strip along the outer corners of your eyes, creating a cat-eye effect. As for your lips, leave them subtle, applying just some baby pink tone. And here you are!

Halloween Makeup IdeasHalloween Makeup Ideas

Vampire Makeup

Three colors are essential for this look: red, white and black. Lots of foundation or powder is what will make you look like a vampire. Take foundation a tone lighter than your face, to create a pale, white effect on your face. For a maximum flawless and pale result, apply a thin layer of a matte translucent powder afterwards. You can draw blood dribbles coming out of your mouth corners with a deep red lipstick.

What an effect you will have if not darkening your brows. It is very important to emphasize the latter especially. And, of course, make your eyes look a little bit frightening. Emphasize your eyes with a few coats of mascara, mainly applied on the outer half of the eyelashes.

What concerns the eye shadow, you can go for silver tones as well. If you really want to go all out as a vampire, pop in fake contact lenses, preferably green or blue. Last but not least, put on your fangs and you are ready to frighten everyone around!

Halloween Makeup IdeasHalloween Makeup Ideas

Sexy Witch Makeup

One of the classical characters for Halloween is dressing up like a witch. Once you pick a dark dress, think about your witchy makeup next. Make your skin look smooth by taking a foundation that is several shades lighter, than your face is. It is for a ghoulish effect. Go for smokey eyes that look great for a witch.

Apply a black eyeliner on both the top and bottom lash lines, slightly going out on the outer corners. With a blending brush smudge the liner, creating a smokey effect. As a final touch, apply darker tones of eyeshadows, using it a bit more on the lower part of your eyes. When it comes to your lips, leave them nude. Still if you want to dramatize your look a little bit, use a red lipstick.

There are some cases when people go for fake noses or chins to have a more witch like look. For this they use a fake greenish nose and chin that are attached to their faces with glue. But if you want to look a sexy witch, do not use these accessories.

Halloween Makeup IdeasHalloween Makeup Ideas

Clown Makeup

If you are going to dress up like a clown, think about your reddish nose first. If you are not using a fake nose, then paint your nose red. Your face should be pale enough. Take a foundation lighter than your skin and apply it onto your face in a thick layer. Highlight your eyes by using bright colored eye shadows.

Halloween Makeup IdeasHalloween Makeup Ideas
There are still so many makeup tips for a Halloween look. Depending on who you are going to dress up, the makeup techniques will change. The traditional ones are also: zombies, Dracula and a lot more. Choose the one that interests you most and go for an appropriate makeup to make your hero look alive and why not scary, since it is the essence of the entire theme.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

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