Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

Why should a Halloween only be associated with a costume only? A hairstyle plays no less important role in this regard. They add bonuses to the costume and one seems not to go well without the other. The wilder and messier your hair is, the better look you will have.

Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

So what to do with our hair on this great holiday?

It depends on several things, the length of our hair, for instance: the shorter, the fewer ideas can be picked, the longer, the more creativity will be used to achieve a dramatic look. Besides depending on the costume, hairstyles may vary. You can go having simply messy hair; you can have a “cattish’ ponytail, or go for waves and everything else that comes to your mind.

Use all the hairstyling tools, irons, rollers, sprays, hair accessories you have at home. Even if you have forgotten of some brooches, colored bands, they may be just the case for this holiday. Have a look at the classical Halloween hairstyle ideas below!

The Desperate Housewife Gone Mad

In order to reach this look you you’ll have to curl and then backcomb the heck out of this and then use lots of spray to fix the hair. You will look both original and extraordinary. You can use any dress that reminds of a housewife’s outfit. Do not forget about the white apron.

Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

Witch Hair

A traditional look for Halloween that is chosen when nothing else comes to your mind is becoming a witch. Witches are symbols of this holiday and within years the costume and look have undergone lots of changes. Nowadays it is not so important any longer to go for black or green hair only. You can choose any color you like. Nevertheless, do not forget to dye your hair with temporary dying paint, so that not to walk with weird hair color after the holiday.

You can either have pumpkin witch hair that means dying your hair the pumpkin color. Or you can turn from a gloomy witch to a brighter one, by dying your hair blonde. Once you dye your hair, feel free to experiment any hairstyle your mood inspires you at the moment. The idea is, however to look messy. For a better result have your hair a little dirty or use lots of spray. No single witch is ever seen neat and tidy.

Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

Vampire Hair

The basics of this look are having black hair combined with red or white stripes. Take a small portion of your hair and dye it any of the above mentioned color. Or you can have the tips of your hair dyed red only, instead of having stripes all over. By doing so, you will create the impression, as if our hair is dipped in blood. For an ideal look, do not forget about lenses, especially green ones, which will highlight a vampire’s look.

Halloween Hairstyle IdeasHalloween Hairstyle Ideas

Frankenstein’s Bride

If your hair is long, crimp it with a crimping iron. Or you can reach the effect by braiding your hair in several braids. Remember to do so when the hair is wet. And let the latter dry naturally. You can do this the previous night, so that the braids look perfect. On the following morning, when the hair is dry, undo the braids and you will have crimped hair. Tease and spray the hair back off your face. You can either let it flow free or clip it up.

Halloween Hairstyle IdeasHalloween Hairstyle Ideas

The Fairy or Goddess Look

If you are going to play a positive role this Halloween, then go for a humble, feminine and neat look. Make waves on your hair tips, or curl the entire hair and use some spray to fix it. Or, if your hair has natural waves, simply wash and go.

In case you are going to dress up like a princess, Barbie or a ballerina, probably being the Black Swan, then an elegant bun should be chosen. Make a high ponytail. Take the ponytail hair and start wrapping it all around. For a final touch use a brooch or wear a pearl necklace on the hair. You will look like a real princess.

Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

Finally, Use a Wig

If you cannot think about anything on your natural hair, then go for ready wigs that are sold in all supermarkets all over this season. You can choose a red wig to look more eye-catching. Or you can become the sexy blonde girl.
All of these hairstyles are easy to achieve. Choose the matching style for your costume and have fun on this scary day that is on its way.


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