Split Hair Ends: How to Treat, Remove and Prevent Split Ends

Split hair ends make our lives unbearable. Whenever we notice these damaged parts on the tips of our hair, we immediately rush to panic. And, indeed, there is the need, since the tiny ends can then spread throughout the length of the hair and make all of our hair worthless.

Split Hair Ends: How to Treat, Remove and Prevent Split Ends

Bad quality hair disappoints every girl. Regardless of the precaution means or the care you take of your hair, you may not still be on the safe side, since split ends may knock on your door as well. Indeed, these unwanted ends may appear even on such hair which seems to be healthy. If your hair is short, do not feel at comfort that this problem will not happen to you. Split ends do not recognize “limits’. They may appear on any length, though long hair is most likely to be the first victims.

It is very important not to just get rid of the split ends once from time to time, but rather prevent this catastrophe, which no girl is likely to adore. Poor quality shampoos, wrong way of combing, rough washing, the sun, so many hair styling stuff like hair driers, irons or alike cause our hair damage. In order to make your lives easier and dismiss this nervous situation you face every time the problem arises, follow the beauty tips below to help protect your hair.

How to Treat Split Ends

The first thing we will advise you is immediately trimming your hair. The sooner you get rid of them, the better. The right solution to the problem is not simply getting rid of the unwanted results of your hair, but also finding the reasons and preventing them. Once you get rid of them, the problem should not be closed at this point, since split ends have a tendency to grow fast. First of all, never trust an amateur hair dresser or think of removing the split ends yourself. This will even make the situation worse. There are girls, however, who are in the habit of always playing with their hair, whenever they feel free. Stop walking all around the house with the small and bad quality scissors and cutting off the parts that bother you. This way you will even add the number of them. Turn to a professional hair dresser only. And do this on regular basis.

Depending on the speed your hair grows, visit a salon: the time may vary from a month to some 6 weeks. A regular haircut will not only put an end to the damaged tips of your hair, but make your hair healthy and easy to grow. Even if you do not seem to notice any split ends at the time you are planning to visit a salon, do that anyways. An additional attention will never do you any harm.

Always keep in mind that a small part of the hair above the split ends, should also be cut off. If you are afraid that by having your hair cut at such regular basis, you will soon have short hair, you are mistaken. A frequent haircut makes the hair grow even faster.

How to Prevent Split Ends

Once you have got rid of the split ends, it’s time to think of a healthy care.

Things each girl should always do for her hairs are as follows:

1. Wash your hair correctly. First of all choose a shampoo that matches your hair type properly. Never use your sister’s shampoo or the ones offered at swimming pools since they may not be appropriate to your hair type and by doing so, you may unnoticeably harm your hair.

Apply conditioner every time you wash hair. In contrast to a shampoo, which is normally applied to the scalp or on top of the hair and it later flows down all length clearing your entire hair, conditioners should be applied straight on the hair itself not on the head. You may go for a deep conditioning once every 5 weeks.

2. Minimize the use of chemicals. The more natural your hair is, the more beautiful you will look. Limit the amount of hair dyeing stuff. If you are used to always changing the color of your hair, you are more likely to have lots of damaged hair. First, decrease the use of the chemicals, or if there is a high necessity use those with more natural ingredients, that will at least minimize the damage. Use only high quality shampoos as well. You may take professional ones.

3. Dry your hair naturally. There are girls who do not know how to dry their hair. Please, never rub your hair so roughly with a towel. You break your hair every time you do so and maximize the risk of having split ends. Better squeeze your hair gently with a towel, slightly massaging.

Try to use hair driers as seldom, as possible. Additional heat is number one enemy to your hair.

If you cannot stop using rollers, straightening and curling irons, at least use them from occasion to occasion, and not on daily basis.

4. Learn how to comb the hair correctly. It is strongly prohibited to comb your hair while it is wet. When being wet, the hair is most sensitive. Wait till it dries up and then only start the procedure. Start from the tips, not from the tops. Use a good brush, better a natural bristle one. Do not be too harsh and complete the procedure with patience. By pulling the hair, you will have a hair loss, and secondly new split ends. Too much combing is not a good idea. Do not back comb the hair as well.

5. Wear hair protection accessories, like hats or caps. Whenever you visit a swimming pool or go to the beach, do not stay in the sun with your hair unprotected. The direct sunlight is another factor that can damage your hair. It is necessary that your wear a swimming cap, to protect the hair. What concerns swimming pools, always wash your hair after swimming. Everybody knows that a large amount of chemicals is used to keep the water clean. If those remain on your hair, they will kill the latter. Thoroughly wash your hair and condition.

6. Use moisturizers. When the hair dries, it speeds up the growth of split ends. Do your best to moisturize your hair frequently. Use moisturizers on regular basis. Also make a daily routine to carry a special moisturizing spray with you to protect your hair from the sun.

Once you follow these tips, you will say good-bye to the split ends and will never again be disappointed when studying your hair in front of the mirror.

Split Hair Ends: How to Treat, Remove and Prevent Split Ends

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