How to Choose a Signature Perfume

All human beings are gifted with their personal, natural scent of body. Nevertheless all of us are apt to choosing a special fragrance to identify and highlight our personality, since a perfume complements our natural skin scent. If you want to be remembered, to surprise everybody with your unique taste and make memories about you stick to their minds, it’s important to know how to choose a signature scent best matching your personality.

How to Choose a Signature Perfume

History of Perfumes

Perfumes were used still in ancient times. For instance, a woman named Tapputi is known to have been the first ever recorded chemist, who created perfumes still in the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamia. She got perfumes by combining flowers, oils with other aromatics, filtering and putting them back in the still several times.

Distillation, the means by which even today perfumes are used to be made, was known still in Persia. Some chemists used the mixture of herbs with oil, which created a strong scent however. Later they started using such flowers as roses, which made the fragrance very delicate and soft. In addition to roses, almonds, bergamot, resin and coriander were also commonly used in the process of creating fragrances.
Different perfumes have different duration. It depends on the concentration, which in fine fragrance is typically ethanol or a blend of water and ethanol. The intensity and longevity of a fragarnce depends on the fact whether natural essential oils or perfume oils have been used. The more aromatic compounds prevail in a given fragrance, the longer its scent will last. For this reason, perfumes receive different names, like: toilets, extracts and so on.

Choosing a Signature Perfume

We spend years seeking the correct fragrance for ourselves. We can try one for some time and later coming across another fragrance, understand, that the previous one was not that harmonious with our nature than this very one is. One may spend all his life in the search of a perfume. Yet there are so many devoted people, who stick to one and the same scent all their lives. It is, however, very important to make a right choice, in order to avoid headaches that can be a result of bad quality or too strong fragrances.

It is important to keep in mind that one and the same fragrance should not be used throughout the year. There are scents which are typical winter ones, that add warmth to us, or light summer fragrances that give freshness in hot summer days. Always have at least two variants of fragrances for appropriate seasons. First you will not get tired of the same scent, secondly, you can surprise your sweetheart: with the slightest change, you will fill his heart with new feelings that will later change to sweet memories.

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing a perfume. First of all consider the nature of your job. Those who work with clients are not encouraged to use sweet or too strong scents, since it can serve as a barrier between the client and you. Who knows what types of people you are going to deal with. Maybe you have a very influential client who is going to sign a very important contract with your company, but the unwanted scent of the sales manager drives him away, since he is allergic. In order to avoid such problems, better use neutral fragrances in small amount or toilets that have less longevity.

Tips to Find the Fragrance Close to Your Nature

When it comes to choosing a signature fragrance there are some tips that should be followed to make the best choice.

  • First of all do not buy anything in haste. You will later regret about that. Since, perfumes have different scents throughout hours. A pure perfume passes 3 stages: the first one is the scent that comes right on the moment you use the perfume and it may last for 30 minutes at least. Later it changes its scent by mixing with your natural body scent. And only several hours later you can smell the real scent of a perfume. So take some time to pass all these stages. You can also leave the shop and see how the perfume works on you outside. It will get another tone when outside, see how it reacts to the heat. If the scent still continues to attract you then go ahead to buy it. If you have doubts, do not hesitate to leave without a purchase and come back the following day to double check.
  • Also if you are testing several perfumes at a time you can get the wrong impression. Having tried more than 3 scents you will get messy and unable to judge any more. Most shops offer coffee beans to neutralize all the previous scents and go on with testing again. Keep a handful of the beans. Nevertheless, it’s preferable that you do not mix different scents at a time. Keep to testing those scents that belong to the same scent tone. This way you will not leave the shop with a terrible headache.
  • It’s also important to know the different types of perfumes to determine which ones to choose. Ranked from the strongest to the lightest, there is Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne and perfume mist. Parfum is the strongest and richest one and has a more longevity, while Eau de Toilette is the most commonly used one. Keep in mind that Parfum is much more expensive than Eau de Toilette and it usually comes in a smaller bottle: you need to apply just a small portion of it and you will certainly smell good throughout the day. It’s recommended to have one Parfum for special occasions, and some lighter Eua de Toilettes for everyday wear, as the latter is much more affordable.
  • Another tip to bear in mind, is – never tend to get the same fragrance as your friend or colleague is using. Of course, you may like it very much, but you do not know if it is the right one for you. Perfumes smell differently on different people, due to their natural body scent. Use the perfume on such areas where the blood flow is abundant, on your wrist or neck and wait for some time. If you think you like the scent then, hurry to obtain it.
  • Another important aspect in the choice of fragrance is the popularity of a fragrance. Today’s fragrance houses release series of fragrances each season. You hear famous brands, such as Gucci, Christian Dior, and Chanel and feel them on other people all around you and cannot stand the temptation. However, taste them for several times and see if you need those fragrances. If not, stick to the ones you are used to. People, who have got used to your permanent fragrances, imagine you the way you are. A bad choice will create another impression.

Study a scent thoroughly before making it your signature scent, since the latter is going to tell much about you. It creates a special aura around you. If you do not need being isolated, think twice before choosing a perfume. Build your own scent and let people associate you with the tasty and fresh lavender, rose or vanilla tastes of your perfume.

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