Makeup Artist Beauty Tips and Tricks

Makeup Artist Beauty Tips and Tricks

No chic outfit or trendy hairstyle will make you look as fantastic, as in the case of having a correct makeup on your face, together with the rest of the look. When it comes to makeup, we spend much time on it. It requires most of our attention and professionalism, to reach a perfect look. We do not stop learning new ways of a correct makeup, which makes even the most unwanted spot on our face look differently. Below we offer you a list of tips to achieve an artistic, flawless makeup. Remember, that no one has an ideal skin or facial features. It is all achieved with the help of makeup tricks. With these simple makeup artist beauty tips and tricks, you are sure to get the glamorous look you have always dreamed of.

Makeup Artist Beauty Tips and Tricks

Face Brightening Trick

You need to have a flat skin before starting the makeup procedure. For this you should use a concealer or a foundation that is appropriate for your skin. If there are any dark spots on your face, they should be artistically concealed. Use a concealer that is a shade or even two shades lighter than your skin. As celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal advises, apply it on the essential parts of your face: from the outer area of your eyes to the corners of your nose. This will serve as an ideal base for your brighter look. After this, you can feel free to apply a foundation that is the same shade as your skin is.

Cheekbones Trick

High cheekbones are the dream of every woman. Take Angelina Jolie, for example, who has most accentuated and envied high cheekbones. They look so sexy, so glamorous, since tend to make your face thinner.Makeup Artist Beauty Tips and Tricks

Nevertheless, if you are not gifted with the dreamy cheekbones, there are ways to correct them with a makeup trick. Joice Bonelli, who is in charge of Kim Kardashian’s glamorous look, reveals the secret of perfectly highlighted cheekbones. All you need is to apply a darker foundation shade on this area. Once you do so, you have to blend it thoroughly with your natural skin tone with the help of a sponge. To look more natural, apply a translucent powder at the end.

But we do not stop on this only. There is also another tip to highlight your cheekbones: apply some mauve blush or bronzer on your cheeks and then use a little amount of a light pink lip balm on the cheekbones to create an illuminating effect.

Eyebrow Trick

If the shape or the thickness of your eyebrows does not satisfy you, there are ways to correct them. Choose a pencil of the same color as your eyebrows are and redesign the areas that you do not like. If they are too thin, make them look thicker. If there are empty spots in between the brows, fill them with a matte bronzer, following the beauty advice of Ashunta Sheriff.

Most makeup artists have another solution to this. When not having the desired color of an eyebrow pencil at hands, they use a lip pencil instead. The latter is soft and is easy to work with in order to reach the desired result.

Eyeliner Makeup Trick

Big eyes are what make a woman look sexy. Eyeliners are the first aid for making your eyes look bigger, when applied properly. Even a small mistake can have the opposite result. The secret is the following: smudge the eyeliner and then blend it well on the outer corners of the eyes with the help of a damp cotton bud. Or else, with the help of a blending brush you can apply some eye shadow on your eyes.

Celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee points that for creating soft and beautiful eyes you should apply black eyeliner on the upper lash line, while brown should be used for the bottom lash line.

Eye shadow Trick

Not all colors work for every woman. The key element is to experiment and find out which color works well and what is strictly prohibited. Laura Mercier thinks that no technique will make a woman’s eyes shine the way as the right color will do. She advises those with brown eyes to use gray, blue and brown eye shadows. Those with blue eyes peach, gray, blue, as well as green are perfect. Finally, those with green or hazel colored eyes pink, green, and gold are recommended.

Once you decide the color of the eye shadow, it’s time to choose the way of applying them. Those with close-set eyes are advised to keep the inside corners of an eye lighter than the outside ones. If your eyes are wide-set, do the opposite.
What concerns the type of an eye shadow, give preference to cream or liquid ones. Powder ones are sometimes dangerous, especially if you are in a haste early in the morning. In case a small drop of powder falls inside your eye it will spoil your work. Hardly will you have time to correct it without tensing your nerves.

Follow these priceless beauty tips from real specialists and amaze everybody with your look.

Makeup Artist Beauty Tips and Tricks

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