How to Wear a Headscarf

Headscarves, covering most of the top of woman’s hair or the head itself, are worn for numerous purposes: for warmth, sanitation, for religious reasons or simply for being fashionable. They are worn throughout the year, both in warm seasons, and in cold winters, to protect the head from the cold. Headscarves are especially great options during bad hair days, as you can easily style your hair with a humble piece of clothing and add a whimsical, casual vibe to your overall look. There are various types of headscarves and various ways to sport them and here we reveal to you the style secrets on how to wear a headscarf and look fashionable and outstanding every single time.

How to Wear a Headscarf
Headscarves were the most acceptable part of a woman’s wardrobe still in the 40s. Many women adored this small piece of attire, which makes them look sexier, elegant and aristocratic, stand out in the crowd and simply amaze people with the cleverest solution in fashion that adds perfection to one’s look. During decades this garment has been used in different ways. Once it simply covered the top of the head, later it got a triangular shape, being worn under the chin, covering the head entirely. They have been and are still being used mostly like a tie that is worn right above the forehead. You can also have a band to the left or right side of the head.

Headscarves are the very right accessory for women who either do not know how to do their hair, or else have problems with their hair: damaged hair, loss of hair or thin quality hair that look poor, or sometimes even short hair, that does not speak much with a given outfit. They are an inseparable part of a women’s suitcase when travelling. They are mostly worn when on the beach. Of course special kinds of them are used on this purpose. There are even waterproof headscarves. Every woman with self-respect should certainly have a variety of them.

Headscarves can be of different materials, ranging from silk ones to much thicker fabric. The silk ones are normally used in summer. You can choose bright colors that will be harmonious with summer colors. In winter, however, bright colors can be used as well, to kill the coldness and toughness.

How headscarves were worn in the past and are worn today

In 1940’s the tie-up headscarf was in fashion. The latter was worn especially by working class women. It implies both femininity and toughness. An easy way to fold them was and remains as follows. When taking a silk scarf, you will spend much time on tying it, since it is slippery. Once you fold it into a triangle, place the scarf over your shoulders, shawl style, with the point facing down, bring the two ends closer and tie them once on top of your head.

In the 50’s and 60’s another trend in wearing a headscarf came into fashion. It covered not only some part of a woman’s head, but almost the head fully. It got a triangular shape. The accessory was tied under the chin. Mostly this type of scarves looks gorgeous when accompanied with sunglasses. This was the famous image of glamorous actresses of those times, like Audrey Hepburn.

Keep in mind, when buying a certain dress, always grab a pair of matching scarves that can be worn both on head or neck or can decorate your bag, whenever they fall out of fashion.

Of much importance are head ties, which are mostly common for street fashion. You simply have to roll the scarf, wrap around your head and tie it just above your forehead. It is convenient for use on the beach or in everyday life. This is a beloved accessory for most celebrities, like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé. It has a more girlish feature. They can be carried with small or big sized earrings.

Another type of headwear is a turban, which is not that fashionable, yet looks elegant. They are a little capricious, so make sure that they suit you, before hurrying to wear them. If you are for this retro style headwear, you can start wearing them starting from today.

Always remember, no matter if a certain accessory is currently fashionable or not, you can still keep on wearing them, if that is a part of your image and suits you really much. Never become a victim of fashion trends that much, otherwise you will lose your individuality. Simply follow some trends or methods of using accessories to stand up in the crowd.

How to Wear a Headscarf

How to Wear a Headscarf

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