YolanCris 2013 ‘Iconic’ Bridal Collection

Every girl dreams to be iconic on the day she is walking down the aisle and to this end, the most important role is taken by the wedding gown. And it’s another well-known fact that YolanCris is the best brand to look to, if you are looking for something unequaled, something a little bit different and scene-stealing. For the season to come, the brand has already unveiled a range of super-fabulous bridal gowns that bear the name “iconic’ all over. The newest YolanCris 2013 ‘Iconic’ bridal collection is flooded with 60s-inspired retro gowns, all as if inspired by Audrey Hepburn and legendary model Twiggy.

The main feature of the entire YolanCris 2013 ‘Iconic’ bridal collection is that you’ll not find there super-long and voluminous dresses, as cute and chic short ones take the lead. All these stunners feature lots of delicate details and embellishments, including feathers, floral appliqués, pearls and stones. And the pastel colors, like the pink and soft green, make the dresses even more romantic and alluring. Modern, yet with an enchanting retro flare, these pieces have a great power to turn you into a real lovely princess and the star of your love stories.
We all know that life passes away, yet memories keep on lingering in our minds. Looking at the old photographs of our parents’ and grandparents’ weddings, we see kind of retro charm, love and excitement. The garments in the YolanCris 2013 ‘Iconic’ bridal collection try to revive the style we can see in the photos and that we so much want to copycat. This is definitely the line for sweet and feminine girls. If you are one of them, get inspired from the Spanish brand, and be the one, be the “it-girl’ on your Big Day!

Photos courtesy of YolanCris

Written by Armine Karapetyan
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