How to Protect Hair from Heat Damage

How to Protect Hair from Heat Damage

Girls always like experimenting with their hair. Those with curly hair dream of smooth hair, and vice versa. We use different thermal tools, irons, which endlessly damage our hair. Nowadays we cannot exclude the use of styling tools from our lives, since we have got so much dependent on them, but there are means to reduce the damage caused by them.

Everyone understands that our hair needs care regardless of the season. Naturally in summertime this care should be doubled, because of the sun. The heat, be it natural, or artificial, is number one enemy for our hair. In most cases, we create these problems ourselves. In order to look perfect for even 30 minutes, we rush to improve the condition of our hair, or stay in the sun for long hours without any protection. So what to do in order not to have damaged hair?

How to Protect Hair from Heat Damage

How to Protect Hair from Heat Damage

The first and most important thing for our hair is keeping its moisture. The use of hair driers on daily basis takes away all the natural moisture. For this reason, try hair conditioners. If you do not know which of them is the best, ask your friends or try several variants on yourself, till you find the very one.

Use heat protection creams or sprays to minimize heat damage. They will add extra moisture to your hair. Use the cream every time you style your hair. You can also carry a protection cream or a spray in your bag and use it when being outside.

Let your hair rest sometimes. Dry your hair naturally, whenever possible. It is commonly known that when your hair dries itself, it is healthier than done by the use of any drying tool. After shower, dry your hair with a towel and let the air do its job. Comb your hair every now and then; if you want it be smoother. You will see how shiny and natural your hair will look when it dries up.

How to Protect Hair from Heat DamageHow to Protect Hair from Heat Damage

Use hats or any head garments when on the beach. Several days spent on a seaside, can completely ruin your hair, if you sunbathe for several hours, especially in the afternoon. Even though your hair will be wet, do not feel on the safe side. The direct sunlight will not be of any use. Any apparel on your head, will keep the moisture from the sea and not let you worry.

Have your hair cut once a month or at least 2 months. Sure, it doesn’t have anything to do with heat damage, but whenever you get rid of the split ends, your hairs starts growing faster and becomes healthier. A regular haircut will help you get rid of the damaged parts of your hair. This can be an asset in your struggle against hair damage.

Finally, if you can’t live without hairdryers, follow the main rules of use. Never start the procedure when your hair is still wet. Even if there are some drops of water, make sure to dry your hair carefully with a towel. If you use the drier on wet hair, you will damage your hair quickly. Use lower heat. I know, it may take longer to dry with a lower heat, but, you will reduce the level of damage.

Last but not least, follow a healthy lifestyle. Have a balanced ration, eat healthy products, and drink much water or natural juices. During summer we lose much water. Not enough fluid in our organism, can be reason for hair dryness. Lack of any life important vitamins in your organism can also be reason for bad quality hair.

If you do not want to spend much money on visiting a hairstylist for a consultation, follow these free beauty tips illustrated above. Do not get upset if you do not meet the desired result immediately. If your hair is damaged to a great esteem, it will take some time to gain its former beauty and health. Arm yourself with patience and you will make a progress.

How to Protect Hair from Heat Damage

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