How to Whiten Teeth at Home

How to Whiten Teeth at Home

Smile is the number one asset for your success in life. Whatever you do or say, do that with a smile on your face. First you will not have a frowned and gloomy look, secondly you will be more attractive and pleasant to your listener. It is also believed that those who smile frequently tend to live longer than those who smile on a rare basis. A smile can do miracles. You can start your day with it and you will see that everything will work well during the day. One can, also, make people surrounding him happy with his positive attitude to life and optimistic views, displayed with a sincere smile. I am not saying that you should seal a permanent “American smile’ on your face and walk like a “strange’ one. Always pay attention to where you are, what kind of people are surrounding you, whether it is appropriate to smile at all in the given case or not and then only go ahead.

For some of us, unfortunately, a smile brings problems with it. During your age the enamel gets thinner and transparent. Coffee, tea, coke and heavy smoking work against you as well. What to do if your teeth are not white enough? This fact will always bother you every time you open your mouth. Should you spend your money visiting a specialist? Certainly, no, as here we present some beauty tips on how to whiten teeth at home easily.

How to Whiten Teeth at Home

Helpful tips on teeth-whitening in home conditions

1. Do no hurry to get the most expensive toothpaste from the closest drug store. Use your household products. Walk straight to your kitchen and open your cupboard. You will probably have some baking soda, left from the time you last baked cookies. Take a small amount of the soda, add some hydrogen peroxide into it and mix the latter thoroughly. You can add a drop of toothpaste to imitate its original taste. Once your homemade paste is ready, brush your teeth with this mixture. After completing this procedure, brush your teeth again with regular toothpaste, to clean the previous one and make the unpleasant taste disappear from your mouth.

2. Another useful way of whitening your teeth is using products that have a whitening effect. Among them are strawberries and oranges. Include them into your daily intakes and the result will be noticeable. You can also rub your teeth with this delicious fruits. Since strawberry contains sugar, do not forget to brush your teeth with toothpaste after the procedure.

3. Wood ash is also a good remedy for whitening your teeth, since it contains potassium peroxide. Add some amount of wood ash to your toothpaste and wash your teeth with it. Remember, this mixture is useful when used in measure. Too much use of wood ash on long period can have the opposite effect on your teeth, for the fact that the latter can wear down your enamel.

4. Always brush your teeth after meals. In case you do not have the chance to wash your teeth, use a chewing gum for at least ten minutes. It’s another easy way to clean your mouth.

5. I know how difficult this may sound, but try to reduce the amount of coffee, strong tea or cigarettes. Nevertheless, if you are fond of strong coffee or tea, do not forget to rinse your mouth after using such drinks, or simply drink a glass of water afterwards.

6. You can also try using healthy food to reduce your chances of damaging your teeth. One of the best ways is adding calcium rich products to your ration. Eat more cheese, curds, drink at least a glass of milk and help yourself to have both strong and healthy teeth.

7. When none of the above-mentioned remedies helps you, feel free to get ready-made special toothpaste from a drug-store and use it on a daily basis. This kind of toothpaste usually contains those ingredients which help you whiten your teeth within a short period of time.

Remember that teeth initially have some yellowish tint because of calcium, which in its turn strengthens our enamel. Whatever remedy you choose, stay in the frames of limits. Too much of lemon, vinegar, acid or any other product with high effectiveness of whitening can gradually ruin the surface of your teeth and bring even more problems for you. And in this case, you will not be able to avoid visiting a specialist and spending all of your money.


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