How to Put Outfits Together

Have you ever woken up in the morning with no idea what to wear? This is a common thing for most girls who don’t have much time to decide today what to wear tomorrow and usually leave this burden to early morning. Normally, these hasty choices made in the morning, with your brain half asleep, make a bad outfit. Especially when you have counted minutes to get out, you grab whatever comes first to your hands. In order to avoid this mistake, first think about your outfit prior to the moment you are going to get dressed. Always have all of your clothes neatly placed in your wardrobe and never make a real mess in your closet. Remember, one day you will have great difficulties in searching a certain jacket or pants under the pile of clothes on the floor. And still if you do succeed in finding the needed item, it may not be in an appropriate state to be worn.

Another question is, when you do really have much time to spend on getting dressed, but you do not imagine how to put things together to have a perfect look. Combining things is not an easy task, since it requires a thorough study and a neat approach.

How to Put Outfits Together
The first and most important rule here is your personality. Never put on a dress or any other piece of clothing just for the reason that they are trendy this season. Always remember, that everybody should have an own style, an individual way of clothing, and whatever the last word in fashion world may dictate you, do not hurry to easily be captured by it. Not all glamorous looking outfits will suit you. Pay attention to the color that matches you most. Study your body shape thoroughly, check what type of clothes outlines your pleasant areas, and what, on the contrary hides the worst parts of you, in case there are any.

Nevertheless, there really exists an ethics of putting clothes together, no matter what the current fashion tendency is. For this reason, below we suggest you get acquainted with some smart fashion tips on how to put outfits together.

Understand your body shape

As mentioned above, always remember the peculiarities of your body. Whenever you see a nice dress, try to imagine in mind, how it will fit your body. If your legs are not so enviable, then do not hurry to show them in miniskirts. Or if you have an apple shaped body, do not focus the attention to your tummy area. In case of full bosom, choose the correct bra, which will make even the most ordinary top look fantastic on you.

If you do make mistakes in this respect, you will constantly make coward movements, try to hide something with hands or a clutch, for example. Remember, clothes say much about our nature. So do your best to choose correct things and look accurate on every occasion.

How to Put Outfits Together

Choose right colors

Pale looking women can feel at comfort, since most bright and capricious colors will look great on them. All these colors will add liveliness to their face. For dark women, on the contrary, there are certain colors they should avoid. Never wear dark and monotonous things. You will be lost in the dark shade. Choose white, pink or any shades of pastel colors.

Besides, pay attention to your hair color as well. Do not wear clothes of the same color as your hair.

Now, that you have chosen the correct dress for your body shape of the preferred color, it comes to combining them with the rest of accessories.

Putting things together

Give freedom to your fantasy. Try every single item with various possible variants and choose the one that suits you most. Never think that you will look wrong or too catchy to an eye. Simply pick the ones that are close to your heart and nature. You will feel much comfortable in that kind of an outfit.

Keep a basic background

You can take the most important part of clothing and then try to choose matching accessories. Build your own style. Take, for instance, a black dress. Choose bright accessories that will add freshness to the dress. Pick shoes on high heels. Do not forget to take a clutch matching your shoes.

How to Put Outfits Together

Mixing colors

Play with contrast. Two pastel colors are not an ideal choice. If you have one of those colors, take the second of brighter shades. You can also have two bright colors at a time, for example, blue taken with yellow. Yet do not cross the limits. Never mix blue with green or red. You will look funny (click here to learn how to colorblock).

Finally, end your look with a clever makeup and a neat hairstyle. No matter how beautiful you are, or how rich your look is, an additional interference will not do you any harm. If your outfit is bright enough, choose a lighter makeup.
Still if you prefer no makeup, at least make sure that there are no pigments or pimples on your face and your eye-brows are neatly shaped. Otherwise all your efforts will be in vain.

To achieve success in the art of putting outfits together, whatever you think suits you, wear with confidence. Never underestimate yourself. What do you think famous designers started with? Not all of them were born with the talent of understanding fashion. Many of them started like you. They tried every single method, kept on experimenting all the time and gradually hit the target. Listen to your inner voice. It will never let you down.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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