Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends

Every woman dreams of a beautiful, graceful gait. It is therefore important to choose the right shoes that will not only be comfortable but also stylish. Shoes are something we can never have enough of, something that brings joy, surprises us and saves us from depression. For the new fall and winter season, designers have prepared best of the best: shoes, boots, loafers, flats of various styles and colors were widely presented on the runways of major fashion capitals. The solid materials, amazing craftsmanship, unique and exquisite decor of the stunning fall/ winter shoes make the “flavor” of any fashionable image, emphasizing the importance of every moment of life. Particular attention is given to the practicality and elegance, comfort and shape. Fall/ winter 2012-2013 shoes are feminine and refined and bear an imprint of historical prototypes. Let’s take a look at the gorgeous fall/ winter 2012-2013 shoe trends and walk in style!

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #1: Baroque and Rococo Shoes: The 17th-18th style was so clearly obvious on the runways in spring that we can safely state that the fall/ winter 2012-2013 shoes not only resemble the baroque style, but are actually baroque. Alexander McQueen is one of the designers, who brought this trend: his high heel shoes come without the heels. They are more like platform shoes with a groove under the foot. The bright color, form and the splendor of heavy decorations are the obvious features of the baroque style.
Dolce & Gabbana also embraced the baroque shoe trend, emphasizing it well through the fancy shapes of heels, gilt trim and ornate designs. The fishnet socks worn with shoes and boots as if finish off the designs, making them appear richer and more elegant. This detail will be a great hit this fall.
David Koma continues to develop the historicity of shoes. His version of rococo shoes features a decorative heel, as if craved from stone. Very elegant, decorative, mythological, and, most importantly, comfortable!

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #2: Ballet Style or Pointe Shoe Trend: At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, ballet reached its peak and the ballet clothes and shoes bore big changes. The shoes were designed the way to not only put a ballerina on toe, but also look decorative. Pointe shoes were adorned with pearls, embroidery with gold threads and other rich ornaments. This historical fact has been widely used in the fall/ winter 2012 shoe collections of famous designers. Thus, Christian Dior dressed the models in stylized pointe shoes in delicate shades. The broad band around the ankle, the pointe toe and the high platform are reminiscent of the ballet slippers. Oscar de la Renta shoes are even closer to the ballet style thanks to the use of delicate fabrics, pearl gray shades, ribbon around the ankle and the rounded toe. His evening looks would definitely suit a ball in the 19th century.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #3: Knee High Boots: Here warmth and comfort reign. You just feel like a queen in these shoes, as well as comfortable walking in them. Very wide at the ankle and high boots will be the biggest hit this cold season. There are also narrow and short models. However, the heel should always be there. There are lace-up high heel boots, boots featuring interesting cutaways, equestrian boots and gaiters. The use of soles in contrasting shades is another huge trend, which reminds of the time when red soled shoes were considered to be as a distinctive sign of high class. Another factor of historicity!

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #4: Boots with Socks: The trend of wearing socks with shoes now transfers to the cold season. However, besides seeing the usual combination of socks and shoes, socks and boots, the new season brings boots and shoes that have socks attached to them. Here, socks kind of play as a finishing attribute and look extremely hot. Besides the stylish factor, such shoes are very comfortable and warm ” the right thing for winter.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #5: Color-Blocked Shoes: Who said that winter is only about gloomy shades, monotonous blacks, browns and grays? Perhaps, the favorite trend of designers this fall is iridescence. Apparently not wanting to part with the bright colors of summer, they brought shoes in the same bright mood. The combination of two and even more colors obviously strives to add some color to the dull gray cold days.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #6: Printed Shoes: Prints are everywhere this fall, from clothes to shoes. Floral, animal prints, oriental prints, graphic prints adorn high-heel shoes, ankle booties and knee high boots, adding some cheerfulness and attitude to them. These printed shoes will certainly never go by unnoticed.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #7: Textile Shoes: Textiles and lots of amazing fabrics! It is clear that the practicality of such shoes is minimal, but for special occasions it they have no rivals. Mesh, sequins, lace, knits, rhinestones, embroidery, belts and buckles decorate not only shoes, but also boots this fall. Options regarding this trend are just endless. Generally, the use of fabric materials for shoes let the designers create amazing styles, cuts that may be impossible with leather. Pleats, tucks and various amazing details adorn these shoes, turning them into real works of art.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #8: Shoes with Chunky Heels: Comfortable square heels and sustained wide heels are the main trends of the new cold season. They much resemble the mail style, but look so unique and bohemian. Shoes with such heels make women’s ankles look slimmer and the overall look is charming and trendy.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #9: Shoes with Spike Heels: Although chunky heels are very practical and comfortable, they can hardly replace spike ones, when it comes to femininity and elegance. Such heels were spotted a lot on the catwalk and appeared especially on pointy toe shoes, which are also a big hit this fall.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #10: Shoes with Fur Details: Fur is everywhere this fall, from hats, bags and clothes to footwear. Designers have created lot of fur boots and high heel shoes ” ones completely covered with fur and more discreet options, featuring just some fur inserts.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #11: Shoes with Lacing and Buckles: Zips, buckles and lacing adorn most of the fall/ winter 2012-2013 shoes, whether it’s a pair of classic high heels, elegant leather boots or fur shoes. They add sophistication and elegance to the designs, making them look more interesting and unique.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #12: Patent Leather Shoes: Patent leather is one of the biggest trends of the season. There are trench coats and skirts, jackets and even dresses featuring this material. No wonder, designers also used patent leather for creating their stunning shoes. Patent leather comes in glossy black and vibrant autumnal shades and sometimes features interesting details, like fringe.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #13: Reptile Skins and Leather Shoes: Of course, nothing can compete with fine leather shoes. Regardless of the season, leather shoes and ones featuring reptile skins are always there and this year too we can see alluring crocodile skin shoes, fine leather shoes in various shades and shapes.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #14: High Heel Shoes: For fashionisers who prefer to be always and everywhere on top, there is the trend of high heel shoes. High heels have gained a particular popularity this cold season and almost any style of boots and shoes features towering heels. Especially popular are lace-up booties with high heels. Some of the biggest fans of high heels this season are Dolce & Gabbana, Blugirl, Burberry Prorsum, Carven, Lanvin, Hermès, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren and others.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #15: Flats and Loafers: When the rainy and chilly season comes, we all try to dress in a maximum comfortable way, without forgetting about style, of course. For this, the fall 2012 season brings the trend of loafers and flat shoes. Coming with various enchanting details, such as lacing, buckles and fringe details, as well as in a myriad of chic colors, loafers and flat shoes promise to bring a chic style to your casual looks.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Shoe Trends #16: Platforms and Wedges: All those who want to elongate their figure, but also feel comfortable like in flats will definitely like the trend of platforms and wedges. Coming in infinite colors and designs, wedges and platforms booties make a hit in the new cold season, only in a more modest manner than in summer.
With so many gorgeous fall/ winter 2012-2013 shoe trends, you can be sure to find something to match your personality and preferences and walk in a self-confident and fashionable way throughout the cold months.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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