Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Hat Trends

A pretty, sophisticated hat is the mandatory companion of a voguish, self-confident woman. Nowadays, hats are not just necessary clothing pieces for women to wear and protect their heads and hair from severe cold, but they have turned into aristocratic accessories, which can instantly spice up any look and help you stand out in the crowd. Their importance doubles especially in the cold season, when there is always rain, snow and nasty weather. Designers in the coming cold season offer a variety of shapes and materials, among which every woman can find exactly what is most suitable to her style. Let’s discover the hottest fall/ winter 2012-2013 hat trends and learn how to wear certain hats this cold season!

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Hat Trend #1: Fur Hats: Fur hats have been on already for several seasons, yet they never cease to lose their charm and luxurious flair. They are beautiful, stylish and warm and are popular with women of all ages and fashion tastes. Fur hats come in a myriad of shapes and shades this cold season. There are dark and neutral colored fur hats quite similar to natural fur shades, as well as exciting brightly colored hats that are here to instantly catch the eye. You can see huge mounted hats at Marc Jacobs, smaller and more elegant Russian-style fur hats at Temperley London, as well as some interesting models of knitted fur at Rachel Zoe, Issa, Yves Salomon.
How to wear fur hats: Fur hats are extremely wearable and versatile and don’t bring any restrictions. You can wear fur hats with leather, denim, velvet or printed items, with almost any style of footwear and clothing. And actually, you don’t have to travel to the Antarctic region to wear these bulky pieces, but you can wear fur hats any place you go.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Hat Trend #2: Cowboy Hats: Western style has always looked unique and special. Though most fashionisers shy away from this trend, it’s actually cool and trendy. This fall, cowboy hats are extremely popular, so no wonder they are going to charm many trendsetters.
How to wear cowboy hats: You should be more careful while dealing with cowboy hats. Certainly it’ll be ridiculous if you sport this accessory to office, but it will look outstanding at a musical festival or a road trip. Match your cowboy hat with leather gloves, a cropped jacket and any outfit with zippers. Work with brighter colors for the maximum impact.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Hat Trend #3: Cloche Hats: Reviving the enchanting ’20s style, cloche hats look extremely ladylike, elegant and sophisticated, something modern fashion certainly lacks and misses a lot. The fall/ winter 2012-2013 season brings back the trend of cloche hats, letting us stay away from the androgynous trend and feel more feminine.
How to wear cloche hats: Cloche hats are ideal to wear to holiday parties and weddings, as well as at cocktail parties and unofficial meetings. Match it with ladylike dresses, skirt suits, coats and trench coats. A pair of leather gloves and court shoes or classic high boots will complete your super-stylish look.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Hat Trend #4: Fedora Hats: First designed in the 19th century exclusively for men, now fedora hats have become unisex accessories that can be worn with almost everything. The new cold season could hardly go without these versatile and stylish pieces, so you have the chance to sport your favorite fedora hat for another season.
How to wear fedora hats: Fedora hats are appropriate for any occasion, any place and any look. You can match it with any kind of clothing. If you want to get a feminine effect, pair your fedora hat with a printed dress, while for a chic androgynous look, wear it with a shirt and a pair of trousers.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Hat Trend #5: Ladylike Caps: Traditionally, caps were considered to be masculine pieces of clothing, but more recently they have gained popularity with female fashionisers too. In the new cold season, stylish caps will be particularly modish. Roberto Cavalli brings leather caps, combined with black sunglasses. Wearing a hat like this, you’ll look very bold and sexy. Caps at DSquared2 and Prada keep a more restrained style, allowing combining them with business suits and penciling skirt. The Ralph Lauren, MaxMara and Burberry caps are matched with sportswear, dresses in casual style and unisex pieces.
How to wear caps: Although caps had a sportier vibe in the beginning, now there are so many styles coming with various lovely details, materials and prints that you can definitely wear caps with elegant skirt suits, military clothes and cool coats. The variability of caps lets you wear this type of headwear both to work and on the daily basis.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Hat Trend #6: Gaucho Hats: Gaucho hats are elegant, feminine and contain a mysterious allure. They can instantly add an exquisite and refined touch to your classic outfits. The cold season didn’t neglect this style of hats and lets you look ultra-feminine wearing gaucho hats.
How to wear gaucho hats: Not so fit to be worn in street, gaucho hats are more preferable to be sported to polo racing events and other occasions like those. However, the new cold season brings new rules with it. Designers match gaucho hats with austere trouser suits and strapless cocktail dresses, showing that it’s all up to you to create a look. You can wear it with something bolder and look sexier.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Hat Trend #7: Knitted Hats: So cozy and warm, knitted hats are always there in the cold season. In 2012-2013, knitted hats feature Norwegian prints and large knits. There are various styles available in the new collections so that every woman can find something according to her likings. Thus, Christian Dior showed discreet monochrome knitted hats in calm colors that will suit those who prefer classics. Fans of extravaganza will certainly love the bright and fashionable hats from Anna Sui with an abundance of decorative elements.
How to wear knitted hats: Knitted hats are perhaps the most versatile headwear. They can be matched with sportswear, casual clothes and more elegant ones, if they feature some feminine details and come in a more reserved style. You can match it with leather jackets, coats, trench coats and knitwear. However, wearing knitted hats to special occasions and work place may seem a little queer, unless you style it really cool, at least.

Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Hat Trend #8: Top Hats: It may sound a little strange, but the fall hat trends bring the top hat style too. These accessories, which were mainly worn with drama costumes in the past decades, have flooded the fashion scene both on the catwalk and in streets. They can certainly serve as ideal pieces for standing out in the crowd.
How to wear top hats: Top hats are a little capricious and can’t be worn everywhere. However, they can be the best fit for a themed party or opera. While sporting top hats in streets, make sure to keep things to minimum and put the focus on the hat, rather than anything else. Never wear a tuxedo with a top hat!

The new fall/ winter 2012-2013 hat trends also bring other enchanting styles. Thus at Giorgio Armani, you can find small hats of asymmetrical shapes, while Ralph Lauren brings British pots and cylinders. Especially spectacular were the wide-brim fur hats coming in rainbow bright shades at Marc Jacobs: they can certainly draw all the attention. The wide choice of fashionable hats in fall/ winter 2012-2013 shows that designs know it well that a true fashioniser should have as many hats as the paintings of an artist ” that is a lot!

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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