Paradizia Siren In Love 2012 Swimwear Collection

With so many inspiring swimwear collections available now, it’s so easy to get a stylish makeover and make a show-stopping appearance on the beach. Columbian swimwear label Paradizia gives you the magic stick to turn yourself into the ultimate paradisiacal siren this year and swim in style with the help of the fantabulous Paradizia Siren In Love 2012 swimwear collection! Drawing inspiration from the sea, the brand gives a fairytale approach to its 2012 swimwear line by playing up with various textures, colors and embellishments to achieve a mermaid-like va-va-voom collection. The Siren In Love collection hooks the attention in an instance with its high dose of femininity, innovative style solutions, heavy prints, bewitching colors and textures, as well as a well-defined magical flair.

The name of the collection, Siren In Love, already tells a lot about the pieces contained. And since not everyone loves the same designs, the Paradizia Siren In Love 2012 swimwear collection brings a multitude of lovely styles for any body shape and taste. From bandeau one shoulder tops and halter tops to triangle tops and one-piece seductive swimsuits, the line has all the essentials for one to feel like a princess on the beach. Step out of boxes this year and go for eye-catching prints, sexy cut-outs and bright colors, which will look especially amazing on your sun-kissed skin.

Sight-pampering prints in all the rainbow hues, embroidery details, ruffles and floral motifs are some of the ingredients that make these Paradizia swimsuits look so divine and mermaid-like. The stunning craftsmanship of the brand is visible on every single design, making them simply irresistible and unmatchable. The heavy coloration used gives a youthful and fun flair to the pieces, which can hardly be ignored. So if you have always admired Ariel’s style since your childhood, the Paradizia Siren In Love 2012 swimwear collection is the best one for you to draw inspiration from and make glamorous waves in the sea!

Photos courtesy of Paradizia

Written by Armine Karapetyan
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