Golden Point 2012 Swimwear Collection

Still having some troubles choosing the best swimwear for you? You have probably missed the Golden Point 2012 swimwear collection, as after seeing it, it’s impossible not to find something fabulous for you. From seductive bikinis to gorgeous two-piece styles, the brand has any design for any body shape and preferences. With any of those styles, you are sure to look seriously stylish and coquettish while swimming. Not convinced? Take a peek!

Simplicity and modesty seem to be the dominant features of the latest Golden Point swimwear designs. This is especially evident by the presence of elegant pieces in timeless black and white hues. However, there are also some bolder options, like fuchsia or turquoise pieces or ones featuring dazzling prints. Great fans of prints and patterns can choose from floral and geometric prints, stripes and polka dots. Fringe applications, ruffles, bows and other cute details have also been used to double the charming factor of those killer pieces. In this versatile collection, you have absolutely everything to feel and look sexy, confident and stylish on the beach.

Alongside two-piece styles, the Golden Point 2012 swimwear collection also shows some fabulous one-piece styles, which steal the spotlight in an instance. Think one-piece swimsuits featuring snake prints, lovely ruffles and contrasting hues. Accessorize your looks with some cute headbands, bracelets and sunglasses and hit the beach in style! Get inspired by Golden Point and look effortlessly chic and glamorous in the sun!

Photos courtesy of Golden Point

Written by Armine Karapetyan
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