Amanda Seyfried Promotes $13K Clé de Peau Beauté Moisturizer

Certainly moisturizer plays an important part in every woman’s life and no woman would spare money to get the best product for her. But how much are you willing to pay for a single moisturizer to pamper your beauty to the max? A new project comes to prove that women deserve really more than our fantasy can hint. On its anniversary of 30 years in the beauty industry, the Japanese cosmetics brand Clé de Peau Beauté is launching the world’s most expensive moisturizer ever, which retails for $13,000 each! This makes the innovative moisturizer five times more expensive than gold per gram.

“We do not usually make limited editions of our products, but this is to mark a special occasion for the Clé de Peau Beauté line. We hope it will appeal to our loyal customers and people who are interested in gorgeous brands,” spokesman Megumi Kinukawa stated.
Considering the exclusiveness of the product, its packaging comes to be out of the norm. The moisturizer bottle features 30 layers of crystal and handmade jars topped with three platinum rings. Of course, the campaign of this luxurious product is also to be something wow-worthy and for this the brand has selected renowned actress Amanda Seyfried to promote its extravagant moisturizer. The limited edition three Clé de Peau Beauté moisturizers will be launched on September 21 to mark the anniversary of the brand.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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