How to Wear Pastel Makeup

How to Wear Pastel Makeup

Quite often glamorous and sassy looks are associated with bling-bling shimmery hues, however it seems like there are better alternatives worth wearing. Pastel makeup is getting more and more popular nowadays, as soft and muted tones look maximum feminine, delicate and flatter almost all skin tones. Although the easiest way of wearing pastels is in a uniform variation, there are so many great styles ideal both for a ceremonial event and a nice outing. Learning how to wear pastels will definitely take your styling skills to a whole new level, as these sophisticated hues can totally transform your appearance and grant you with a joyful, summer-ready bright look. In order to choose the right pastel makeup for the natural tone of your complexion and wear pretty pastels in the most alluring way, skim through the following beauty tricks on how to wear pastel makeup.

How to Wear Pastel Makeup
The main principle of pulling off the trend of pastels is choosing the right combination of tones for your skin tone and undertones. Either served in horizontal or vertical layers, pastel makeup tones tend to create unique makeup looks, if you certainly know how to pair the right eye shadow with your natural features. Whether you want to boost your beauty with contrastive or uniform styles by synchronizing or clashing these color tendencies, the key is to choose your own way of wearing pastels, taking into consideration your own likings, preferences and features.

Patel Makeup for Dark Skin

Those blessed with a dark skin tone are lucky to enjoy the pleasure of wearing an array of pastel shades. However, it seems that both professional beauticians and celebrities with dark skin tend to stick to green and blue shades. Fans of pastel makeup are welcome to experiment with other color combinations too. It’s highly recommended to start with a quality primer applied to your lids, if you are going to wear pastel eyeshadows. This will deliver long-lasting results, as well as will make your eye makeup look more flawless and uniform. Moreover, you can also accentuate the beauty of your eyes with a black eyeliner and finish off your look with a black mascara.

Patel Makeup for Fair to Olive Skin

Women with a similar skin tone are advised to play with green and blue tones, however pink shouldn’t be neglected either. Whether you try to create a more girly look or a casual or formal one, it’s advised to add a tint of brown to the crease area while working with blue or green eyeshadow hues. As makeup artists claim, this trick will boost the radiating look of the eyes. When it comes to eyeliners, in this case there is no need to stick to the black coloration, as brown-black will look just as fabulous. As a finishing touch, you can use a matching brown-black or classy black mascara to make your pastel eye makeup pop.

How to Wear Pastel Makeup
Emphasize the Eyes

Actually, the easiest and best way of nailing down the pastel makeup trend is wearing pastel eyeshadows. You can try various creative color combinations. For instance, a soft yellow with neutral brown on the upper lid and right below the natural bold eyebrows will look simply mesmerizing. This look can be also created with any other pastel eyeshadows. The focus should be on the eyebrows, while the eyeshadow brings in the color. Brown eyeshadow applied right under the brows will make them pop and look bolder.

You can turn to several pastel tones to create a bright spring/summer look. To complete your pastel makeup look, use a pastel pink or nude lipstick and matching blush. You can also wear more intense pastel lip color, if you do it right and the colors suit your skin tone. Make sure to blend well and apply little product to avoid an overdone look.

How to Wear Pastel Makeup
Romantic Look

Pastels are the best shades for creating a romantic and sophisticated look. To get such effect, you can use soft pinks on the lids and lips, while cheeks can be covered with matching blush. This look is minimal and never looks overdone.

Pastel Nail Polish

Last but not least, pastel nails are very trendy and can instantly add color to your look. Pick any pastel nail color, paying attention to your outfits. It’s advised to opt for deeper shades, as paler hues tend to make your nails look short.
Now when you know how to wear pastels, it’s high time to go to the mirror, take all your possible pastel makeup products and start experimenting to see which look flatters you the most.

How to Wear Pastels

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