H&M Shades of Summer 2012 Collection

No need to be a fortune teller in order to know the shades of summer. A single glance at the newest collection coming from Swedish label H&M is enough to understand that powdery candy tones are the most lust-worthy hues of the new bright season, flirty shades that radiate sensuality and romance. Featuring beautiful model Alyssa Miller, the latest H&M Shades of Summer 2012 collection brings a fashionable cavalcade of voguish summer frocks, short shorts and silky tops, all in sight-pampering pastel tones. We all need a few new basics for our summer wardrobes, which can be easily incorporated into sassy combinations and this amazing collection from H&M has it all for you.

It’s time for a little sweetness and sophistication! Revitalize your wardrobe with breathtaking ladies dresses in soft pastel hues, as well as ultra-femme short suits, floral printed silky frocks and all-silhouette-friendly tank tops. The comeback of these lovely shades allows to sport retro-chic looks by opting for light pink and nude colored lace skirts, which are so romantic and feminine. It’s all about mix and matching different hues to create scene-stealing combinations in the new bright season. There is at least one style composition for every figure and style in the H&M Shades of Summer 2012 collection, therefore browse through the beautiful attire options available and pick the ones that complement your skin tone and personality at the best.

Alongside pastel tones, the newest H&M collection also brings a line of skirts and dresses drenched in the voguish coral shade. So bright and dapper, this mesmerizing color can breathe warmth into your closet. Although bright and vivid colors reign this season, you can certainly look fashionable and unique by opting for these delicate and romantic hues. And with the clothing pieces signed H&M you are sure to do this in the most alluring way.

Photos courtesy of H&M

Written by Armine Karapetyan
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