LF Stores Rockin’ Everywhere Spring 2012 Lookbook

The spring/summer 2012 fashion season brings a myriad of dazzling styles with it that instantly grab the attention due to the eye-popping colors and prints used as well as daring cuts. This gives voguish fashionisers another chance to reinvent themselves and become a real trendsetter. One of the most vibrant and refreshing sources of inspiration for you can serve the latest LF Stores Rockin’ Everywhere spring 2012 lookbook, as it’s just awesome with all those eclectic, contemporary combinations, neon colors and outstanding designs. The newest collection from LF Stores shows the must have statement looks of the season, so taking a sneak peek into it is definitely advised!

Color is the simple magic wand for anyone to stand out in the crowd instantly and since it’s the motto of the new fashion season, why not have fun with it, especially when we have so many incredible ensembles coming from LF! So unique and varied, the LF Stores spring 2012 collection features cutting edge looks that will make you the magnet for attention. This is exactly where boring and monotony yield to creativity and a statement style. Simply mix and match boldly and define your babbly personality with the help of well-balanced casual looks that are far from being plain or dull. This season, think floral printed classy pants, high-waisted vintage shorts, flirty playsuits, retro chic jackets and vests, cropped tops and simple tees, stylish shirts and eye-popping accessories for the maximum impact.

Every single item featured in the newest LF Stores Rockin’ Everywhere spring 2012 lookbook oozes out a strong youthful allure that is hard to resist. This is especially felt due to the kaleidoscope of flashy hues, including trend orange and yellow, green and vibrant pink, lots of neons, timeless white, as well as denim. Moreover, there are so many head-spinning prints used, so play-up with romantic florals, patriotic flag prints and graphic ones. Your task is now to skim through the killer pieces available and build up outstanding, look-at-me combos!

Photos courtesy of LF Stores

Written by Armine Karapetyan
Armine is the founder of website-design-los-angeles.com and an avid fashion lover. When she's not busy examining the latest fashion trends and news, she's exploring a new style for herself or is pursuing new adventures and dreams. Find her on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.