How to Apply Eyeliner

How to Apply Eyeliner

Makeup is every woman’s best friend. It’s the powerful weapon of glamming up any look instantly, transforming a simple girl into a glamorous chick, a chic lady or a cute princess. It’s in your hands to get the result you want to create. Simply master your skills of applying makeup products in the right way and you have got the magic stick.

When it comes to makeup appliance, the hardest thing seems to be about the eyeliner. It’s a well-known fact that eye makeup plays an important role in basically changing your eye shape, making smaller eyes look larger and more impressive. Everyone can achieve this effect through a flawlessly applied eyeliner. And here is the question: how to apply eyeliner flawlessly? It’s every girl’s question, as many don’t know how easy it is to apply eyeliner in the right way without getting irritated and frustrated. Eyeliner can really look amazing, if applied correctly. So let’s learn the simple techniques of applying eyeliner flawlessly for the chic result.

How to Apply Eyeliner
The first things you should know are the differences of various eyeliners, as there are ordinary eyeliner pencils, cream or gel eyeliners and liquid liners. These are some aspects you should take into consideration, while choosing an eyeliner:

Color. As you may know, eyeliners come in various colors, including timeless black and brown, as well as gold, plum, green, blue and other, each of them available in a variety of shades. The color of your eyeliner should match your eye color. For lighter eyes, it’s recommended to choose browns, while black works fine for darker eyes. Keep in mind that forest green eyeliners will make your eyes pop, while those with green or blue eyes are advised to use silver and charcoal eyeliners for the maximum impact.

Softness (for eyeliner pencils) and density (for liquid liners). Make sure to pick a soft eyeliner, which will apply smoothly without making your eyelids get wrinkled. It’s also an important factor to choose an eyeliner in a good quality.

Eyeliner pencil
After choosing the best eyeliner for you, determine the look you want to create. For instance, pencil eyeliners work great for creating a natural day makeup look, while liquid eyeliners add a glamorous and dramatic touch to your look and work fine for a special evening out. Taking your features into consideration, think of the variations of your look, whether you want a smudged look or a precise one.

A useful advice for beginners – start with an eyeliner pencil, as it applies quite easily in no time. In this case, set the line with your eye shadow, as penciled lines tend to melt throughout the day. To apply an eyeliner pencil, hold it the same way you hold a pen or a pencil when writing with your dominant hand. Slightly stretch your eye using a Q-tip with your other hand (never do this with your hand, as this will cause premature wrinkles). Focus on the part of your eye you want draw on, rather than on your whole eye. Start drawing a thin and unbroken line from the middle of your eye to the outer edge, applying the eyeliner with small strokes. Then do the same action from the front to back. The line should be just above your eyelashes and below on the bottom. Consider a small tail too, if it looks nice on your face.

Cream eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner
Another option of applying eyeliner is with an eyeliner brush. In this case, the technique is the same as with the eyeliner pencil: dip the brush into the eyeliner cream and draw a smooth line with small dashes, starting from the middle of your eye to the edge and from the front to back.

The most difficult option is applying eyeliner with the liquid liner. Surely it looks smoother and never melts throughout the day, but you’d better do this, only when you are already a pro. Keep in mind that you can apply liquid eyeliner only on the upper eyelid, and never on the waterline or the lower lash line. Working with the liquid liner, draw your line with small dots: you can put the dots between the lashes. The result will be not a line, but an illusion of super thick eyelashes to the root.

How to Apply Eyeliner
Whatever of the above mentioned options you choose for applying eyeliner, at the end make sure to finish off your eye makeup with a mascara for a better result. As it is said, eyes reflect your soul, so put a little effort in making them even more impressive and beautiful.

If you still lack imagination on how to apply eyeliner flawlessly, watch the great tutorial below.


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