GAP Be Bright Spring 2012 Collection

Make sure to look bright, youthful and colorful to the max this upcoming season, straying away from boring and too predictable outfits! Join the cool generation and draw inspiration from one of the most popular brands of the moment ” GAP. The latest GAP Be Bright spring 2012 collection encourages all the young to go versatile and eclectic by offering the hottest colorful jeans and modish printed shirts. Covering some of the hottest trends of the season, the collection manages to stay true to the youthful and cheerful concept that modern fashionisers like so much.

It’s time to kiss goodbye to monotony and look ultra-cool with the help of these inspiring urban sportswear outfit ideas. Known for its keenness for the eclectic style trend, GAP is making sure the new season never lacks this cool fashion direction by bringing a myriad of easy-to-pull-off outfits. Add a colorful and on-trend bomb into your new season closet and guarantee the success of your signature looks.

The color palette of the new GAP Be Bright spring 2012 collection is almost infinite: there are purple, yellow, blue and khaki hues, as well as timeless white, grey and earth tones. GAP brings a large number of skinny jeans in punchy shades and cropped pants, which can be easily combined with mono-colored t-shirts and tank tops. Think vibrant shades and simplistic designs for the ultimate impact. You can purchase all the items from this refreshing collection online or at the local GAP store.

Image courtesy of GAP

Written by Armine Karapetyan
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