Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends

Exploring the brand-new spring/ summer 2014 fashion trends, the next ones we would like to introduce you are the spring/ summer 2014 headwear trends, made of all the most popular and catchy head accessories we observed during the fashion shows. Their diversity is out of question, and this is just the opposite of what we were used to seeing for quite a while. That is, despite the total exclusion of most of the headwear options we observed during the previous seasons, this one seems to be just the opposite, encompassing the headwear accessories as a primary and most important component for the stylish and modern looks. It has become a universal way of combining the stylish looks with the functional advantages, creating a whole new trend. So here we are going to introduce the main spring/ summer 2014 headwear trends that were peculiar to the looks of the famous fashion houses’ shows (Also check out the spring/ summer 2014 hair accessory trends).

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #1: The Razor Cap

This is one of the most creative and resourceful options that the designers opted for. Combining the uber-stylish and at times sporty vibes with the classy and modern silhouettes, here come the awesome razor caps protecting your face from the direct sunlight and complementing your stylish looks like nothing else. The best examples of this kind of combos may be found with the looks of DKNY, KTZ, and Marni.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Razor Caps

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #2: The Kerchief

The kerchief is the next cool interpretation we saw during the shows. The ways according to which the kerchiefs have been altered and transformed are really fascinating with their appealing diversities and perfect shapes. In the list of these we can note the nice combination of the kerchief with the razor by KTZ, and the nicely changeable option of Katie Eary.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Head Wraps

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #3: The Cowboy Inspiration

Talking about the super diverse inspirations taken for these shows, we can’t leave out the nice and catchy cowboy looks for the hats, too, having created an interesting comeback of the Wild West atmosphere to the runways. The fashion shows of Moschino and Donna Karan are the most eye-caching exemplifications of this theme.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Cowboy Hats

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #4: Canotier

The uber-popular Canotier or the boater hat we are used to calling it is the next super cute and perfect spring/ summer 2014 headwear. It has all the necessary details for creating ultra-sweet and attractive silhouettes, from unique shapes to spectacular retro plus manly inspiration. The catchiest options of this were seen with the show of M. Patmos.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Canotier

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #5: The Squared Hats

Going on investigating the most creative and first-time ever suggestions for headwear we reach the super extravagant squared hats suggested by Giorgio Armani and Maki Oh. Though not everyone would dare to opt for such an extravaganza for everyday looks, still this may be a great way of accentuating your stylish image for such places like, for example, the beach.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Square Hats

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #6: Berets

The principle of combining the comfort with the cute looks does matter in the creation of the beret-made chic for the coming season. That’s why this is one of the most spectacular and extremely cute fashion trends we observed recently with the shows of such fashion houses as Orla Kiely and Ralph Lauren.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Berets

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #7: Trendy Baseball Caps

For the sporty inspiration and looks, the designers, especially the most youth-oriented ones, couldn’t but include the cool and sporty baseball caps in their mot stunning representations. If we look at the frequency of their occurrence for the most diverse fashion shows, we will see that this is the obvious leader for the headwear trends of this season. Such fashion houses as DKNY, House of Holland, Jacquemus, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lacoste, and Marios Schwab have included these caps as one of the most descriptive and shaping elements for the looks they presented.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Caps

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #8: Other Caps

Apart from the sporty-inspired baseball versions, the other types of caps were also quite popular for the shows. This can be easily proved if we have a look at the Police-inspired variants of Moschino, or the R’N’B looks of Moncler Gamme Rouge. This type of headwear suits especially well the oval shapes of the faces, and some of them are even very helpful for the triangle shapes, too, hiding the imperfections of the shapes, and bringing them closer to perfection. House of Holland, Sonia Rykiel and John Galliano are also included in the top list here.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Caps

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #9: The Classy Wide-Brimmed Hats

In case you give your preference to classier looks, and would like to have something of that kind for the warm season, and especially if you’re pretty older than 25, the uber-feminine and classic variants of wide-brimmed and elegant hats are just for you. This mature elegance was the pick of Fashion East and Paul Smith for the shows. Zadig et Voltaire, Zac Posen and Kenzo also suggested some ultra-classy and beautiful variants.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Wide-Brimmed Hats

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #10: The Retro Headband

The 90s’ inspired wide and tight headband covering the upper part of the crown is the next catchy trend we found out. This is especially recommended for the girls with wide and beautiful forehead and some delicate features of face. It is also a good way to hide the bangs in case you don’t like it. For inspiration, you may look through the fashion shows of Vera Wang and Kaufmanfranco.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Retro Headbands

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #11: Asian Inspirations and The Lampshade Hats

Going further, the nest trend we come across is the drive for the Asian-inspired motives for the hats, like the ones found with the shows of L’Wren Scott with the spectacular Japanese inspirations, and the oversized lampshade hats of all colors and garment combos by Lyn Devon and Dsquared².

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Lampshade Hats

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #12: Unusual and Striking Headwear

The following trend we observed can be united into this subtitle, because of the top stunning and unexpected solutions that the designers opted for when creating the looks of the combos. Among them, the first noteworthy options are the luxurious golden details by Dolce & Gabbana, followed by the heavy metallic accessories of Alexander McQueen and Eudon Choi, and the animal-inspired headwear of Moschino и Fashion East. The beautifully designed leather headbands by Valentino are also noteworthy is this respect.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Unusual Headwear

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: Unusual Headwear

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trend #13: The Trend of White

Apart from classifying the trends according to the shapes of the headwear, we can also make some grouping according to the shades, and in this respect the first shade that catches our attention is white, having been interpreted with all the possible and impossible shapes, from sailor hats to razors and cloches. The fashion houses having used this are DKNY, Olympia Le-Tan and Acne Studios.

And here we are done with another fashion report, presenting the main spring/ summer 2014 headwear trends that were prevailing for the coming season’s suggestions. This is just another useful clue for making your looks unique and creative.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Headwear Trends: White Hats

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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