The Most Mind-Blowing “Mask” Makeup Looks Seen on Instagram

Makeup artists get more creative every single day. Instagram is, of course, the best platform for delivering trends. Right before the whole Halloween madness starts, we have a brand new makeup illusion for you to see. The latest obsession of talented Instagrammers is a thing called “mask” makeup. You will be completely mind-blown when you see how amazing this art is. So far, we went crazy over the “Instagram vs Real Life” trend, neon lips, and so many others. This one comes at just the right time to celebrate the holiday tonight.

The-Most-Mind-Blowing-“Mask”-Makeup-Looks-Seen-on-Instagram-rainbow lids

Photo Credit: @nikkietutorials/Instagram

It all started thanks to the amazingly talented Nikkie and her Halloweek challenge. The makeup artist posts stunning Halloween looks each day for a whole week. The one that got the most attention is the “mask off” tutorial, inspired by the album cover of Shawn Mendes and The Phantom of the Opera. Since posting, Nikkie’s transformation inspired many other Instagram beauty bloggers to try it out.

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Written by Martina Todorovska
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