Marianna Hewitt Puts On Party Makeup in 2 Minutes Flat

In this busy holiday season, we could all use a 2-minute party makeup tutorial. So much do to at this time of the year. You should choose holiday gifts for your loved ones, get something for yourself, show up on so many events… It’s just a never-ending necessity to look on point. But with a tight schedule is hard to get all these things done. Well, turns out that you only need 2 minutes for a killer party makeup look and Marianna Hewitt is here to test that in action. The TV host turned lifestyle blogger teamed up with Glamour on a 2-minute makeup challenge. You think she didn’t make it on time? Watch the video to find out.

Marianna Hewitt knows all things beauty. She is a blogger and youtuber with a passion for beauty, fashion, food, and traveling. Marianna usually shares her beauty secrets on her YouTube channel. You can find everything from latest trending beauty products to timeless beauty tips on her social media platforms. She partnered up with Glamour just in time for the holidays to show everyone that party makeup can be done in 2 minutes flat. No tricks – she was on a timer.

Marianna Hewitt Puts On Party Makeup in 2 Minutes Flat
Photo Credit: Glamour

It turns out that the must-have beauty tool for a super-fast and flawless makeup application is the buffer brush. Marianna used this brush to apply her foundation and liquid highlighter. According to the beauty guru, this brush helps you get a flawless finish in just seconds. So, busy ladies, if you don’t have one of these in your makeup bag, you know what you should buy next. To save on time apply a liquid highlighter with a pinkish, peachy or any other blush tone. This way you can skip the blush which is one step less in your makeup routine. She used the liquid highlighter on all high points of her face even the brow bones to keep her glow game strong. After all, party makeup is all about that glow. Don’t forget to go over your face with a beauty blender, just to make sure everything is as flawless as possible.

Marianna Hewitt Puts On Party Makeup in 2 Minutes Flat silver makeup
Photo By @marianna_hewitt/Instagram

Marianna Hewitt even had time to do a quick eye makeup look. She used warm brownish tones and a hint of shimmery gold on the eyes. The key to this party makeup look is the bold lip. Remember ladies, when you don’t have time to do all the contouring and all the blending rely on a statement lip color. Marianna went with a deep plum lip color to elevate her party makeup look. She finished off the look with several coats of mascara and even had some time left. Good thing that this look is super easy to recreate and everyone can master it.

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