Level Up Your Glam With These Gorgeous Makeup Looks

Level Up Your Glam With These Gorgeous Makeup Looks

So many glamorous events in the month of December. From Christmas to New Year’s Eve, there are many occasions where you have to look on point. Glam is the answer at this time of the year and you shouldn’t try to get away with natural makeup. You had so many days of the year to go minimal, but for glam’s sake don’t go that way in time for the holidays.

New Year, New me – you know the drill. Let’s take that statement seriously and flaunt a new you for New Year’s Eve. A dramatic entrance in 2018 is required. As you probably noticed, the world is obsessed with makeup right now. Instagram and YouTube can take credit for this situation. They even got the biggest celebrities obsessed. So since everyone is wearing more makeup lately, maybe is time for you to start experimenting more. Remember: it’s makeup, in just seconds you can wipe it off.

Get your contouring game strong if you want a glamorous makeup transformation. There are countless tutorials out there. Kim Kardashian even spilled the secrets on her 5-minutes contouring routine. Therefore, “I don’t have time for that” is not a valid excuse anymore. And try to stay away from your go-to palette. Leave your comfort zone and get creative. On the safe side, you can do your makeup as usual and flaunt a vibrant underliner. Purple, turquoise and royal blue are some of the best options if you want to add just a hint of color. Even a classic cat eyeliner can be upgraded to full glam with a bold underliner. Don’t limit yourself to matte eyeshadows and eye pencils. A sparkly eyeliner in a bright color is also an option.

Heavier eye makeup usually performs better when it comes to glam. But a glamorous look can be achieved with a focus on the lips and the skin instead. A perfect contour and highlight accompanied by a youthful dewy complexion will bring Hollywood right there on your face. Every A-lister is obsessed with flawless face makeup looks and that’s one of the reasons they put the eye makeup in the background at times. So at least keep your glow game strong.

We prepared a gallery with multiple gorgeous makeup looks to level up your glam. Flip through the gallery and pin the ones that made you say “WOW”. And of course wow them all with your recreation!

Level Up Your Glam With These Gorgeous Makeup Looks purple makeup

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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