Kat Von D Announced 10-Year Anniversary Collection

The news is officially out. Kat Von D is launching a collection to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her eponymous makeup brand. With this guru, every month is a holiday. She keeps dropping new, exciting releases and finds the most amazing ways to promote them. It’s not a surprise why every single makeup lover is going crazy over KVD Beauty’s products.

Kat Von D Announced 10-Year Anniversary Collection
Photo Credit: Kat Von D Beauty

Kat took the news to Instagram, where she shared a promo video for the upcoming collection. For now, there is only a part of the video, but we expect to see much more in the following months. The makeup guru also added that the line will drop in May.

“For the past 4 months, I’ve been working so hard on this video for @katvondbeauty’s 10 Year Anniversary collection launch and it’s almost done being edited. I wanted to tell the story of @katvondbeauty through 10 of my modern-day muses. Some whom you may already know and others that you should! These 10 muses have blessed me with so much inspiration, not just for their surface beauty but with what they contribute to the world through their art. AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO MEET THESE MUSES AND SEE THE FULL VIDEO SOON! 🖤 [this campaign + makeup collection is launching on @katvondbeauty this May!]”.

For the campaign, the makeup artist chose 10 of her biggest muses. The queen of teasers gives a sneak peek of what’s soon to come, and judging from it, the collection is going to be epic. First, her muse’s face is completely covered in liquid glitter, then she bathes in golden liquid sparkle. So, this must be a cue that we should expect plenty of sparkly launches including highlighters, glitter eyeshadows and more.

Believe it or not, Kat first hinted about the 10-year anniversary collection eight months ago. The makeup artist shared a video on her Instagram account with drawings that will appear on an exclusive train case. According to Von D, her drawings will be covering the limited-edition case, that will be decorated with a golden hardware. The inner part will be done in fierce red, so you can keep all your favorite KVD makeup products in the case.

Two months later, Kat shared another one of her goth-inspired drawings. This one will be a part of an eyeshadow palette from the 10-year anniversary collection, and will probably decorate the outer packaging. So far, that’s all we know, but knowing Von D, there’ll be plenty of teasers until May.

Kat Von D Announced 10-Year Anniversary Collection drawing
Photo Credit: @thekatvond/Instagram

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