Jackie Aina & Too Faced Launch A More Inclusive Foundation Range

The Fenty effect is real! Ever since Rihanna made a bold move towards inclusivity by launching a whopping 40 shade foundation range, major beauty brands are under pressure to stand for inclusivity. Fenty Beauty was one of the first brands to introduce such a diverse shade range and many brands just had to follow to stay competitive. One of the latest brands that joined the fight for a more inclusive beauty industry is Too Faced.

Jackie Aina and Too Faced Launch A More Inclusive Foundation Range

The cult makeup brand with over-the-top aesthetic decided to expand its foundation range to cater to customers of all skin tones. Its infamous Born This Way foundation is already a favorite among the beauty obsessives, but the shade range wasn’t as impressive as the product itself. That is why the brand decided to tap influencer Jackie Aina to work on expanding the existing range with medium-to-deep shades. Jackie Aina is an outspoken influencer who fights for inclusivity in the beauty industry and is not afraid to call out brands that don’t cater to women of color. For her is not just about the number, she wants to make sure that the offered products actually look good on women of color. She took the collaboration with Too Faced very seriously and according to the brand made sure to introduce shades that will look flattering on ladies with a deeper complexion.

“I was blown away at how dedicated Jackie was to making sure she got this all right. She interviewed dozens of people and reached out to hundreds of people online, and took note of what they needed and what they weren’t happy with. She really did her research to ensure the nuances of every shade were perfect,” Jerrod Blandino, Too Faced co-founder and chief creative officer.

Jackie Aina and Too Faced Launch A More Inclusive Foundation Range

Believe it or not, the entire process took almost two years. Too Faced and Jackie Aina expanded the Born This Way foundation range with 11 new shades. The collaboration resulted in 9 medium to deep new shades with 3 that are on the deepest side of the range. Too Faced is also releasing two new light shades that are on the lightest end of the spectrum.

Jackie Aina and Too Faced Launch A More Inclusive Foundation Range

The collaboration faced a bit of criticism when it was first announced. Jackie Aina made sure to address the comments:

“A lot of people thought it was in retaliation to other brands, like Fenty, but we met about this way before we even knew what Fenty was launching. I absolutely understand that people felt like it’s too little too late. But this is a good thing,” she told Glamour.

Jackie Aina and Too Faced Launch A More Inclusive Foundation Range

Too Faced’s mastermind Jerrod Blandino announced that the expansion of their foundation shade range is just the beginning. He assured that the brand is working on making all of the products more inclusive.

Photo Credit: Too Faced

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