“Instagram vs Real Life” Is The Latest Beauty Obsession

“Instagram vs Real Life” Is The Latest Beauty Obsession

The latest Instagram trend will completely blow your mind. Makeup artists from all over the world are creating “Instagram vs Real Life” looks which are meant to show that social media can lead to many misperceptions. What you see on this popular social network is not actually how things look in real life.

All those flawless makeup looks are only that, makeup looks! Next time you feel insecure, take a look at all these influencers who are bold enough to show the natural side of their faces and make you feel better about your skin, eyes, lips, eyebrows, lashes and more.

“Instagram-vs-Real-Life”-Is-The-Latest-Beauty-Obsession-rainbow makeup

Photo Credit: @jamescharles/Instagram

The very popular makeup influencer James Charles got on board with the “Instagram vs Real Life” trend and created his own colorful version. This rainbow lid with a bold white eyeliner is so perfect to flaunt for a night out.

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