How to Make Green Eyes Pop With Makeup

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Green eyed gals are truly blessed. Even without makeup, green eyes still look dreamy and seductive. Anyway, makeup can undeniably help to make them pop. If you consider your green eyes as your strongest weapon, then you’ll most certainly want to reach for makeup to enhance them. Although green eyes aren’t as versatile as brown eyes when it comes to makeup, you still have a lot of options. As always, we got your back – read below to find out how to bring all the attention to your green eyes.

First of all, to determine whether a specific color will do the most for your green eyes, go back to the color wheel you had in elementary school. On this wheel, you can see that green’s complementary color is red. Therefore, every eyeshadow with a red undertone should be your go-to when you want your eyes to stand out. Don’t be afraid to flaunt red in its full vibrancy. Monochrome red makeup looks are bold but will make green eyes stand out the most. You can use burgundy shades as a more wearable alternative. These deeper hues are perfect for fall and winter. You can add vampy vibes by pairing this wine-hued eye look with matching lip color.

One of the best ways to make green eyes pop is by using a purple eyeshadow. Every purple toned hue such as violet, plum, lilac, and fuchsia will accent green eyes in just seconds. If you are low-maintenance chic that wouldn’t do all the blending just find your purple match and blend it with your fingers all over the eyes. Cream and shimmery eyeshadows are lazy girls’ favorites. Consider the purple eyeshadow as a centerpiece in your makeup bag. From monochromatic looks to seductive smokey eyes, you can flaunt this hue in many ways.

If purple is too bold for you, the good news is that some of the most versatile hues such as gold and peach flatter green eyes as well. The infamous peachy makeup look has been trending for years now. This toned-down orange color looks good on everyone. The shade has a red undertone to it which makes it a perfect choice when you want to make green eyes pop. All shades of gold are another great choice for ladies who like to play it safe.

You can make your beautiful green eyes pop with both glamorous and neutral makeup. We made sure to gather the sexiest & the cutest makeup looks that flatter green eyes in one place. Don’t forget to pin your favorite ones for later.

How to Make Green Eyes Pop plum makeup
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