Every Type of Mascara, Explained

Every Type of Mascara, Explained 2

There are several products that should be in every woman’s makeup bag. Aside from foundation, lipstick, and blush, mascara is a must-have item for even a simple makeup look. There are many ladies out there that don’t know how to choose the right one for them. We all see the endless choices that look very much the same but are so different. And you don’t have to be a pro to know which type of wand will give you the desired effect. Even if you have short lashes, with the right mascara everything will look much better. There are also those ladies that underestimate the power of long, voluminous lashes. After they get an amazing product, they realize how life-changing it is to have the proper mascara. Allure and professional makeup artist Emily Amick teamed up for a video that will guide you through the characteristics of 24 types of wands.

Starting from spiral, hourglass, triangle, curved, to fun shapes such as dome tip or spiky ball tip, the options can be really confusing. That is why you should spare some of your time and learn which shape is the best for your lashes.

Every Type of Mascara, Explained

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The first type of wand you need to know about is the spiral one. According to Emily, it is also the first one you’ll buy. This brush is ideal for short lashes since it gives a lot of volume to them. Amick’s advice is to remove all the excess mascara off the brush when applying the first coat. With the minimal amount of product, the wand will separate each lash. Plus, you avoid unwanted clumps. The best way to apply is to start from the roots and do a little wiggle with the brush. After the first one, you can add as many coats as you want.

If you have average or longer lashes the spiral wand will be a great addition to your makeup bag. If your lashes are short, then you should go for a skinny wand. For the lower lashes, the easiest and best way is to move the brush vertically.

Every Type of Mascara, Explained Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

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There is one brush that you won’t find very often but will bring a lot of drama and volume to your look. The tri-spherical wand is made of three separate balls of bristles. In between them, there is a space that serves as a reservoir for the product. That is why this type gives thick and voluminous looks. The application process is the same as with any other wand. Don’t forget to watch the video for the full guide on mascara wands.

Every Type of Mascara, Explained Milk Ubame mascara

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