Erdem x NARS Makeup Collaboration

Strange Flowers is the next huge beauty collaboration to get hyped about. After many years in the fashion business, the trending London-based designer Erdem Moralioglu decided to dip his creative toes in the world of makeup. With his latest presentation at London Fashion Week, Erdem debuted his first official collaboration with NARS. The name of the collection doesn’t come as a surprise at all. Moralioglu has experimented with colorful blooms in almost every single one of his collections. These days, luscious flowers are his signature sign.

Erdem x NARS Makeup Collaboration lipsticks lip powders

Erdem and NARS presented the collection several months ago in a suite at the Connaught Hotel in Britain’s capital. Somehow, the collaboration stayed a top secret up until now. They decided to debut the products this morning, during Moralioglu’s RTW Fall 2018 runway show.

Erdem x NARS Makeup Collaboration purple eyeshadow pink lipstick

“This was never going to be just another designer collaboration, where you do five new lipsticks shades. There was a lot of time spent talking about the idea of using products or textures that you normally would associate with certain parts of the face, in different ways. I like the idea of contrast and contradiction. You can tell a story as much with what you’re wearing on your face as what you’re wearing on your body.”- the designer explained.

Erdem x NARS Makeup Collaboration lipsticks lip powders eyeshadow palette

According to Erdem, he and the NARS team worked on the collection for more than two years. We are talking about a 13-piece makeup line, which will feature lipsticks, blotting papers, lip powder, highlighting pencil, eyeshadow palettes and more. There are six distinctive lipstick shades which range from soft rose colors to dark purple hues. You can also get excited about the lip powder palette, the first of this kind for NARS! All of the releases carry a name inspired by some type of flower. There is a lip balm titled Voodoo Lily, a highlighting pencil called White Phox, lipsticks named Moon Orchid and Carnal Carnation and more.

Erdem x NARS Makeup Collaboration lipsticks

Moralioglu and the makeup brand have been working together occasionally on runway shows since 2013. But none of these partnerships resulted in an official product release. Every single product in the new line features a gorgeous packaging decorated with the designer’s favorite vibrant blooms.

Erdem x NARS Makeup Collaboration blush palette

The Erdem x NARS Strange Flowers makeup collection will be released exclusively at Selfridges UK on April 15. Starting from May 1, the collaboration will retail both online at and in stores worldwide. Prices will start at $20 for the blotting papers up to $49 for the eyeshadow palettes.

Erdem x NARS Makeup Collaboration highlighting pencil

Photo Credit: Erdem x NARS

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