Day-to-Night Makeup Looks for Busy Women

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Tick-tock, tick-tock… The clock is ticking with no mercy and no rest. But we won’t let time stand in your way when it comes to glamming up. For all of you with tight schedules, running from place to place, we are about to offer a glamsaving lesson. Ironically, the tightest the schedule, the more you need to look on point. On the other hand, the day makeup won’t have the same effect once the sun goes down. To save yourself plenty of time you need to master the art shifting a makeup look from day to night-appropriate. Layering one product on the top of another might turn into a beauty disaster, so make sure you are doing it the right way. Follow our simple tips on how to amp up your day makeup look and make it night-approved.

First of all, your day makeup might look “expired” after hours of wear. So take a moment to look yourself in a mirror on a good lightning. If you have oily skin use blotting papers to remove the excess oil. If oiliness is not your problem, you can refresh your face with several spritzes of facial mist. Then you can go over your day makeup with a beauty blender and even everything out. Once you fixed everything, it’s time to intensify your contour and highlight. Feel free to enhance your cheekbones more than you did in the morning, but go lighter on the blush. You don’t need as much blush as you need throughout the day when you are going for a fresh-faced flushed look.

Don’t forget that the eyes are a centerpiece in day-to-night makeup transformations. If you went minimal for the day, it’s time to add a bit of interest to the eyes. You can add eyeliner or smudge your existing lines for a smokey effect. If you wore a cat wing during the day, grab a fluffy blending brush and add some color to the eyelids. You can also use your fingers to apply eyeshadow all over your lids. Creamy and shimmery eyeshadow formulas work best with your fingers. Don’t be afraid to thicken your eyeliner for a bolder effect. Be careful when applying more coats of mascara because this is the trickiest step of turning a day into night makeup look. Clean up the mascara wand and make sure you are light-handed when applying additional coats to your lashes.

Lastly, opt for a bolder lipstick shade different than your work staples. This will intensify your makeup look and make it club-approved. Flip through our gallery full of easily transformable day-to-night makeup looks for inspiration.

Day to Night Makeup Looks for Busy Women bronze makeup
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