6 Coolest Makeup Looks To Copy From NYFW Runways

6 Coolest Makeup Looks To Cop From NYFW Runways (6)

Makeup is a very important part of runway shows. With each new season¬†presentation, we get an early glimpse of the trends that will become popular very soon. It’s only the beginning¬†of fashion month, and there are already so many amazing makeup trends we want to try. Check out these cool trends that might become the favorite thing you do to your face in spring 2019.

Ulla Johnson

6 Coolest Makeup Looks To Cop From NYFW Runways red mascara

Photo Credit: @romyglow/Instagram

Ulla Johnson is bringing back the colorful mascara. This is the perfect trend for ladies who don’t have too much free time to spare. Next time you want to look extra, simply grab a mascara in any color other than black and create a playful look. To finish off the appearance, all models flaunted a stained lip in fresh red and pink shades.

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