“Fly” with Style at the Pan Am Experience


The Pan Am Experience Offers a Stylish Fashion Show Hidden in a Night of Fun!

Do you miss the era where people dressed up and made an event out of travel? Fashion and travel used to go hand-in-hand. What if you had the opportunity to live out that magic in today’s day and age? What if you got to see a one-of-a-kind stewardess-themed fashion show? Well, good news! Here’s your chance to experience the glitz and glam of Pan Am in an exact replica of their classic Boeing 747. Welcome to the Pan Am Experience!

The Pan Am Experience transports you back in time to the glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle of the 1970s where fashion and style reined supreme. This exclusive experience offers “travelers” the journey of a lifetime from out of Air Hollywood in Pacoima, California. Air Hollywood, the world’s largest aviation-themed entertainment studio, is where major films such as “Bridesmaids” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” were filmed. It’s also your location for a fashion-filled evening when you join the Pan Am crew for a your chance to truly ride in style.


(Photo by Rachel Rambaldi)

Make sure you dress in your best 70’s attire before heading to your Pan Am Experience. Then, as you arrive for your special event, enter into the Clipper Club to check-in and receive your boarding pass and luggage tag. Hang out around the stylish “VIP” lounge, enjoy viewing pieces of Pan Am’s history, get a champagne at the bar, and take a seat next to coffee tables made out of real airplane parts.

As you are mingling, the music pops to an up-beat track as the Pan Am flight attendants and captains all parade into the lounge in style. They summon you to board the plane to get ready for “departure.” As you follow behind them and board the “flight,” you would have no idea that you were only on a set in a sound stage, as the “plane” is beautifully crafted to look and feel like an authentic, vintage Pan Am plane.


(Photo by Rachel Rambaldi)

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Written by Malorie Mackey
Malorie Mackey is an actress and writer living in Los Angeles, CA. Malorie's first published book entitled "My Playboy Story: Hopping from Richmond to Hollywood" was published in 2017. Since then, Malorie's short story "What Love Has Taught Me" has been published in the anthology "Choices," and she has been writing and blogging about travel and adventure in hopes to publish her next book about travel soon. She believes that everyone should enjoy a little adventure in their lives. Check out www.maloriesadventures.com