Trendy Twists Of The French Manicure

Trendy Twists Of The French Manicure (12)
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What black is in fashion, the French manicure is for nails. This is the classiest, timeless nail art that never goes out of style. Thanks to this manicure your nails will always look neat and chic. Another great thing is that you don’t have to visit a nail artist. Instead, you can try many different variations of it at home. The French manicure has been around ever since the 18th century. And after all this time it is still the most common nail art.

The traditional French manicure may seem boring to some of you. Although it’s a classic, you can upgrade it in trendy ways. There are many unique options to add to your nail art. You can play with colors and shapes in any way you want. Just like for fashion and makeup, Instagram is the biggest inspiration for nail designs too. On this social platform many talented artists share their work, so you can snatch some of their ideas. Plus, you often get to see tutorials on how to copy a particular look. If you want to save time, just bring a photo to your nail artist and let the magic happen.

Today there are many chic twists of the French manicure. This year we witnessed many trends, among which minimalist nail designs made a huge comeback. So, if you prefer simple nail art, then this is the time for you to get one. Many nail artists decided to upgrade the classy white French tips with a thin line or even different graphics. You can play also play with colors and glitter.

Instead of painting your nails with transparent nail polish, choose a bold color such as red. To that, you can do the tips in a contrasting shade. Since the holiday season is approaching, glitter and metallics are also a good idea. You can match shiny metallic nail polishes with matte ones in a different color. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of glitters. The shapes are also another thing that you can change. Some women prefer pointy, others like the oval. French manicure is so versatile that it looks good on any shape.

If you’ve been searching for trendy variations of the classic French manicure, we chose some chic upgrades that you can do. All of these designs are very easy to copy and will make your nails stand out.

Trendy Twists Of The French Manicure blue tips

Photo Credit: @chelseaqueen/Instagram

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