The Trendiest French Manicure Inspo For Winter

Nail trends change every season, but the classy French manicure is always fashionable. This winter, you can upgrade your French mani with glitter, different colors, and a whole range of unique ideas. If you need inspo on how to get away from the basic pattern, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ve rounded up some super-cool French mani ideas that will make your winter much more interesting. Swipe through the pictures below to find the one that works best for you.

The Trendiest French Manicure Inspo For Winter white sparkle silver

Photo Credit: @saci_nails/Instagram

Skip the regular French manicure, and join the jolly holiday spirit. Winter is the season when you can amp up your glitter game. The shinier your nails are, the more you’ll stand out. Instead of opting for white tips, go for silver glitter. Add some cute snowflakes to finish it off.

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Written by Martina Todorovska
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