The Best Christmas Nail Art From Instagram

The Best Christmas Nail Art From Instagram (1)

Christmas is the perfect time to involve festive details in your outfit, hairstyle, accessories, and nails. We all wait for this time of the year so we can wear our favorite sparkling outfits and use glitter on daily basis. And they say that not a single look is complete without statement nails. So we have to use the opportunity and find the ideal nail art that fits the holiday theme. Instagram is always the perfect source of inspiration. That applies to fashion, beauty and of course nails. Many creative artists share their pictures in order to inspire us all to look better during this time of the year. A lot of ladies pay attention to their whole appearance and are in a constant search for a jolly, innovative manicure. That’s why Allure went through many Insta profiles and chose some of the best Christmas nail art for this year.

For all the glitter lovers, the options are endless. You will see these shiny particles involved in makeup, clothes, accessories and nail designs. Well, the holidays wouldn’t be so much fun without glitter. One of the manicures that are both easy and chic is the silver sparkling nail design. It includes silver glittery tips and a throw-back to your childhood. If you were a fan of Frosty the Snowman, you will absolutely adore this manicure. You can easily find stickers to use for your nail art. The Instagram star @missjustinemichelle, who did this look and posted it on her account, added gorgeous snowflakes to two of her nails.

The Best Christmas Nail Art From Instagram silver glittery tips snowman snowflakes

Photo Credit: @missjustinemichelle/Instagram

If you are crazy about all festive things that represent holiday season you will fall in love with this nail design. It includes snowflakes, ornaments, a Christmas tree, red-nosed reindeer, a Santa Clause and even gifts. Imagine painting all of this art on your nails. This look will guarantee you the fiercest holiday manicure ever. If you think that it’s way above your skills, you can always visit a manicurist.

The Best Christmas Nail Art From Instagram snowman girts, snowflakes penguin

Photo Credit: @keely_ayft_serenity/Instagram

If you want to have a sparkling manicure without all the Christmas details there is a choice for you as well. The cable-knit nail art is both festive and classy. These patterns became very popular recently, so there is no chance that you haven’t noticed them on your Insta feed. The cable-knit will give you warm vibes just like a cozy sweater. And if you want to capture the festive spirit, do several of your nails in glitter. It might end up being your favorite nail design ever.

The Best Christmas Nail Art From Instagram cable-knit pattern silver glitter

Photo Credit: @emilyyafai_nailartist/Instagram

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